🚀 BITCOIN GOLDEN CROSS 🚀 Why $BTC Worth Will Drop 😱😱😱

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To appease money-hungry attorneys and irresponsible folks, it ought to be identified that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. I'm merely educating and entertaining. What you do with your individual cash is your individual duty. Search the counsel of an clever monetary advisor (good luck discovering one) earlier than investing yours or anybody else’s cash.

The knowledge contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary, authorized, or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who just isn't a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. In restricted circumstances the speaker has been compensated by a 3rd social gathering. Buying cryptocurrencies poses appreciable threat of loss. The speaker doesn't assure any explicit consequence. Previous efficiency doesn't point out future outcomes. This isn't a proposal to promote securities. By no means make investments greater than you may afford to lose. You must seek the advice of together with your skilled advisors earlier than buying any cryptocurrencies.

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  • BTC 6100


  • How can i get your signals??

  • "Like Button" has been nuked sir!! Thanks for the solid info as always!

  • You always make me smile. Love you my crypto brother. Keep em coming!

  • Hi kindly suggest me good bitmex signal provider

  • Signal Profits it total not true – so far for in first month 60 trades 57 is Lossing trades Rest 4 was hit 1st target. So Signal Profits it not good investment I am now 25 % down in porfolio on first 3 weeks. So beware.

  • I was going to sub, until you shot ur mouth off about CSW. Now I will avoid your channel.

  • Accurate. The question is, will the dumps continue?

  • A

    Why do these market analysts expect the same thing to happen? Things change, Bitcoin is not the same as it was years ago so why would the market act the same?

  • I doubt we'll hold the 50 week EMA on first pass. You 69X'ed your money in two years trading the MACD?

  • Thanks man! Good video and tips 👌🏽

  • Everyone should know what pump-and-dump is. The equivalent is happening in bitcoin now days. Once enough suckers pay $5-6 grand for some bitcoins the big guys that have hordes of $25 bitcoins will dump. Then the cycle begins again, to hook a new batch of suckers!

  • Best comment I've seen today "I believe we will hit $1800 per Bitcoin. So if you want to just wait it out, your orders should get filled in the next 50-60 years. Of course, you'll miss the entire bull run up to $500,000 per Bitcoin. But at least you'll have been right all along"

  • Your the best! Great info with great entertainment!

  • BTC Bull completely gone … wow … turned in to the last perma bear, who get's REKT on and on while shorting …

  • Bitcoin's price will drop to about $4300-$4500 between May 6th/7th to May 10th 2019 once the tax month/season has been done and dealt with, amongst other things that people may not be aware of. If I'm wrong then I'm an idiot and if I'm right then I'm still an idiot because anyone can guesstimate, but at least we have that "opportunity" to reinvest once again.

  • All the times you predict Bitcoin will drop but Bitcoin keep going up.

  • Going to 4290

  • $2000 ETH in what year?!!?

  • I'll buy some today so it can drop for all you guys.

  • Hey Crypto Love how u doing? I did some mat and simulation on your macd strategy, and my conclusion is that it is only good on a bear market. If you keep doing on a bull market, you will actually lose bitcoin.

  • Boom Shaka Laka …if you follow his channel and make investments then you are the stupidest investor in the world.
    I just enjoy his channel for the boom Shaka laka only, stick to that only 🤩

  • Pickle riiiiiiiiick!

  • I totally agree. In both 2011 and 2015, a 35% price drop immediately followed the golden cross.…then sideways for a couple months and then the 2 1/2 year bull run started.
    Right now, the bulls are too anxious and greedy.

  • BTC $100 billion dollar market cap in striking distance. Can BTC get a foot hold ‘on the beach……………⛵️… 🏖

    $100 billion Level held for over a year previously! Bitcoin Block reward halving 2020! Łitecoin August 2019!

  • Dec 80k ETF aprof

  • No.

  • Bitcoin price will have a small correction bothing crazy. Maybe 4900 to 5000 unless we hit 6500 first then its game over for the "its gonna drop" goons

  • I don't think it will drop. New low already in. Demand is increasing, supply decreasing. Moon ship ready

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