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  • I only wish I had found your channel sooner,I was buying in on a lower price bitcoin at 4k waiting for 2k.. i eventually started buying litecoin at 40 dallars after it was mid 20s…still believing a 50 percent drop would happen. ..you live and learn ..still winning nonetheless…bro you have a great channel and I thank you for all you do….I'm learning from your charting

  • Great stuff

  • Another great video, love your simple clean TA

  • There is the STRONGEST of presentation here weighted to the up side, with lots of skilled charting to back it up. You won't find that on – THE OTHER CHANNELS. No, you won't.

  • I still havnt get my reward from Abra…it's been a month now I did everything and they never reply my email. It feels pretty shady.

  • Good TA always!

  • Smashed the 👍 button like there is no tomorrow 😂😂😂 shared your video as well, hopefully it gains more views from the North 🇳🇴

  • I watch your videos every day. You’re the man!

  • If LTC goes to your $145 target first, then I don't see it going below your $91 target. $53-$62 may be gone forever similar to your below $6600 BTC is gone forever. Your yellow daily BTC trendline should provide support all the way up on this parabolic trajectory to your $46000 target by the end of the year. I will still be amazed if it goes that high that fast.

  • On point

  • Almost 3k subs!

  • Really appreciate your videos

  • need to break 9k next!!

  • Oh yeah and your the easiest charter to follow .. maybe I been around a long time but. Most of y'all guys sound like neculear fusion but you are awesome!!

  • Never

  • How much litecoin do I need to be a rich beech? … No like for real .28 for Bitcoin… But how much ltc for 1%wealthy?

  • Smash the likes everyone!

  • Cork, Ireland checking in for my daily dose with The Dude

  • Good afternoon from Wales. Smash the likes everyone and support CryptoSavys channel with its free TA and great Discord . Keep up the great work bro

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