The world is turning into an increasing number of cashless which makes it simpler to lower rates of interest and devalue the forex much more in an effort to stimulate the worldwide financial system. That is why Bitcoin is so invaluable. Let's focus on this insanity!

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Cashing In: How to Make Negative Interest Rates Work


Good Morning Crypto
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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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  • 🚨 BLOCKCHAIN DOMAINS 👉 http://domains.ivanontech.com
    😱 WANT TO BE SEEN ON THE CHANNEL? 👉 EMAIL [email protected]ivanontech.com
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  • I am pretty sure he sold a lot of coins before posting this video 😉

  • Seriously Ivan I'd rather you advertise gambling or drug purchases than these utterly useless 'domains' , it's not the same as the internet guys

  • I got hundreds of .zils I'm in way to deep!!!

  • i wonder how they expect people to save up for mortgages with this negative rates scheme?

  • if they do it, gold and silver (and probably bitcoin) will go through the roof

  • All global banks are owned by the same people.. it will be a worldwide phenomenon

  • I will be in Stockholm in October … can I get a ticket to sit in the live studio audience? 🙂

  • Fully agree with your opinion ! Cash is important. In Germany the trust in the governement and central bank would evaporate if theIMF plans were implemented.

  • Everybody should be careful to register a domain name of well-known brands (on a blockchain or otherwise) without having own rights in that name. You may run into legal problems.

  • It is Crony Capitalism not Capitalism around the world. Best wishes from New Zealand.

  • The IMF will lock the people behind the wall of their digital currency and will not authorize any crypto purchases… trapped behind the wall, then everyone can only get bitcoin thru tokenization: land selling or what have you…this is their answer to crypto, but i don't think most people will go cashless.

  • nice one

  • Chain payments are accelerating,all the majors are looking to start blockchain payment system's.

  • interest rates are just a distraction….economy is debt. they give you fake cash and you have to work your ass off and give them real cash. high interest, low interest, no interest, doesn't really matter its the same shit

  • Negative interest rates…you pay the banks money on your savings. So, do the banks pay you money if you take out a loan?

  • And head's up people – WE ARE NOT IN A BEAR MARKET ! Its 2019 folks – we are up 44% so far this year. This has been a blisteringly good year ! The 2018 bear has been and gone mate – did you notice it started 17th December, and pretty much ENDED on 17th December ? These guys have sense of humour !

  • One thing that desperately needs to be changed on the Internet – get moderators out the equation – no-one should have the right to just silence someone's voice whenever they feel like it. Secondly, everyone must have complete ownership of THEIR data – so if they want to delete an account and every single piece of data associated with that account, they can do it – and not be prevented by the data "controller".

  • I am from earth

  • A little correction Ivan… Even if you keep your wealth in cash, you are still affected by interest rate through inflation.

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  • Bitcoin is not anonymous, use cryptomixers for you safety. helixgrams. com and bitcoinblender. pro

  • найс

  • Bitcoin is not anonymous, use cryptomixers for you safety. helixgrams. com and bitcoinblender. pro

  • Agree, with min 100K at bank or cash , you can make some money and live of it, other wise, one is just a "consumer"

  • Well summarized. We are the dumbed down play balls of the central bankers. The majority does not know how the financial system works, nor is interested. Thanks for waking us up!

  • Love your work & analysis Ivan. The whole world should watch it.

  • It is called carry trade, it's standard procedure in certain circles i.e. the wealthy!!!

  • Long bitcoin with 1 million leverage on Bitmex/Primexbt/Deribit, short the negative interest rates, they are going to create the worst bubble in the world this way.

  • thanks for updates man! check Opacity Storage pls

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