three EXACT Symmetries In Bitcoins Worth | Bitcoin Backside Decrease BUT Sooner Than Anticipated?

Bear with me as this video is a bit lengthy, however after this final drop in Bitcoins worth to the three,000's, there appears to be some very attention-grabbing similarities between this and the final bear market

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  • I explain multiple times, mainly towards the end of the video, why I believe it's more valid to draw the channel of our current bear market where I drew it. I however didn't explain it in detail in the first 10 or so minutes so if you don't get that far in the video, i'll explain it here briefly. In the previous bear market, we DID trade in a channel that included that ATH's. In this bear market, we HAVEN'T been trading in a channel that includes $20,000. We never bounced up to 18k, 16k, 14k, etc. and you can see that very clearly by looking at any BTC chart. Just wanted to clear that up. There's a lot of other stuff that I find interesting in this video so let me know your thoughts!

  • Great insight !

  • Thats not true, you are drawing lines so that they respect your satisfaction, If we draw it without emotion. 1700 $ is the bottom, if we have to repeat

  • I think the way it will play out is that we might test 3k before end of feb. Once bakkt launches, and the ETF gets approved at the last possible day, we will move out of the bear market. If the ETF gets denied, very likely we will be in the longest bear market seen yet.

    But it is really all irrelevant. When the global markets crash, crypto will fly, irrespective of its ability to actually handle the transaction loads. We saw almost nothing but hype drive the markets up 53x. IMO fundamentals are at least 10x as strong as 12 months ago, especially with wallstreet movers trying to get set up in this space. We wont moon shot next run up, we will leave the solar system.

  • Strong bull,
    strong bear.

  • Wow. Very impressed. Excellent breakdown. You got yourself a new subscriber.

  • Very interesting. The one aspect that could make the drop worse than previous ones is that the SEC decision is around the corner. Having such a big decision around the corner while bitcoin is at these fragile levels could throw all previous TA out the window. I think we could hit 2500 maybe even 2000.

  • Bro, great analogy and chart breakdown. Your TA has really improved these past months. Great job on getting stronger.

  • Great analysis, well done. Honestly it looks so obvious that we're headed to at least test 3k…it makes sense to sell on the next bounce towards 5k and reload at 3ish. But I'm too chickenshit to sell at this point.

  • This is a great video thanks for sharing and doing some awesome homework.

  • Too many people expecting sub 3k prices in next few weeks, so it probably won't do that at least for the next couple of months. My guess is the bear market will be longer this time and price will still be around 2k-3k a year from now and needs more shakeout, and the bubble will come around 2022-2023. These bubble cycles get longer too, there has been 5 bubbles this decade, I predict there will be 2-3 in the 2020s and one last parabolic move in the 2030s and probably the least dramatic and it'll just behave like a mature currency from there on with lesser volatility over the years.

  • FF has been calling for 2500 since Feb…i personally think there will be a March =May political surprise from nut case Trump…and the remake of the central bank, US dollar etc…so i dont thing we are out of the woods until JUNE 2019

  • Oh look another TArd.

  • I think (hope) the timeline is more compressed now. Maybe we'll be breaking out of the bear-trend (>8K) before the summer of 2019 …

  • Boom!… It might be happening right now. Price just dropped from 4300 to 3900 in four hours time. Let’s see if it drops all the way to $3000. If it does, I am poised to buy

  • 4 parabolic moves and 4 crashes, this is nothing new. buy now or regret in two years.

  • bitcoin 100k this time next year or I'll jump off a bridge and s*ck my own ** on the way down.

  • Very good TA, I look at this as a worst case scenario. I had been looking at the 3250 mark but somehow I think allot of psychology will come into play and people will jump the gun as always. My biggest challenge have always been catching the exact bottom 🤣 order->cancel order->wtf just happened-> reorder-> rinse and repeat

  • Great TA 👍

  • 🤯 #HodL

  • Steve from crypto crew noticed this six months ago

  • I think you're spot on 👍👍

  • #HODL #LTC crypto boom in december? hmmmm I am hyped!

  • Good analysis – still with the Deutsche Bank raid today, ‘Brexit’ coming to UK, Marshall Law in Ukraine and Wall Street (Bakkt and Fidelity) poised to enter the market things can change quickly!

    PS Another day closer to Bitcoin mining reward halving of 2020 preceeded by Litecoin 2019!

  • Great video Mr. S! I appreciate the work put into this video.

    This is the type of perspective we need, a mid-long term perspective!

    It all seems to makes sense when we take a step back, the big institutions are about to open the doors exactly around the time that this bear market is due to come to the end.

    So excited for the mid-long term in crypto. Even through these tough times.

    Thanks again for the content.

  • i watch couple of channels everyday now but what you just discovered and the way you explain i it is just incredible, man great great job, this scenario can be so so possible… keep up on great job

  • Good analysis – still with the Deutsche Bank Raid today, ‘Brexit’ coming to the UK, Marshall Law in Ukraine and Wall Street poised to enter cryptomarket things can change quickly!

    Another day closer to Bitcoin 2020 mining reward halving, preceeded by Litecoin 2019………………

  • Litecoin went from the nineties to over four hundred on coinbase in just 5 trading days. I think if you gradually load at the current suppress price. It will give a good return.

  • aliens!

  • Looks good I guess. Who really knows? Punxsutawney Phil? Lots going on, (Brexit, Paris, Dutchebank, lightning, Wall st etc)with soo many exchanges being unregulated can you even get accurate data?

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