A Fiery Gender Reveal Occasion, Ohio’s Bitcoin Gambit & Racist Charity Volunteers | The Each day Present

A gender reveal celebration sparks a wildfire, Ohio permits companies to pay their taxes with Bitcoin, and Salvation Military bell ringers entice consideration for his or her racist apparel.

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  • Rofl love it when MSM pushes bullshit about bitcoin XD

  • Americans are such fucking retards, damn 😀 😀 😀

  • God dammit Trevor, the point of Bitcoin is not that you hide your money, it's the opposite, it's that it's impossible to hide your money and more places accepting Bitcoin and more people using it is what will stabilize it. You talk about bitcoin crashing as if the Dollar has never crashed…

    I like your jokes better when they don't betray the fact that nobody on staff understands the premise…

  • The salvation army is incredibly homophobic and also treats actual homeless people in their shelters like shit. You can find accounts from people living in the shelters who advise you not to donate to them. They've also been known to throw out homeless people and let them literally die on the steps on their shelters for being gay

  • Gender is not complicated, you are XX or XY. If you have a problem with that then I suggest you talk to your chromosomes.

  • In defense of that biker gang, actions speak louder than words.

  • I would love to see Candace Owen on Trevor’s show

  • Let me just say it since no one else will… Bitcoin is a Really stupid investment people are wasting there time, energy and money to invest in a market with no clearly defined value or profit.

  • Part of the issue with bitcoin and how volatile it is, is that due to it being an online currency, there is no limit for how many bitcoins there are in the bitcoin economy.

  • XD I love how Trevors german accent just is a christolph walz impression XD
    Btw: he is austrian so Trevor does an Austrian accent not a german one XD LMAO It really does sound different. Germans don't sound so full of joy. (Or he sounds like a calm Adolf Hitler impression XD He was an Austrian too btw XD LMAO)

  • Maybe they should have raked the weeds first

  • Why the hell wouldn’t he have had a fire extinguisher. He deserves to be broke.

  • The gender reveal drive-by shooting cracked me up!

  • How is he going to pay restitution of 8 million dollars?

  • Ofcourse it's for salvation army. Assholes.

  • If/when I have children I am giving them gender-neutral names and insisting that people give them clothes that are in colors other than blue and pink

  • Lol bitcoin!! Sounds like mr.robot is coming true

  • Isn't the Salvation Army the really homophobic one? Yeah, I'm not gonna be donating to them anyway.

  • Five years probation? That's his punishment? That is BULLSHIT.

  • I died at the drive-by part. " Its a girl Motherfu%¤#r!!!". 😀

  • Great, my town makes it on national news. And it's a white supremacists biker gang.

  • This is Trump’s America people who proudly celebrate “The Aryan race” or Nazis and people who celebrate their “confederate heritage” or slavery loving monsters are now the good guys that needs a safe space from the rest of us who had the audacity to sit through a history class and actually have a heart that tells us it’s not kind to kill 10 millions people and enslave, rape, and kill human beings because they’re not from Europe which is 1 continent when there’s 5 other continents out there ( now 7 depending where you live). But we’re the bad guys. Well 🤬 you assholes.

  • Isn't that gender reveal bomb considered an act of terrorism? 🤔

  • The Salvation Army is racist, sexist, and homophobic at the core. If you're going to donate, look for the St. Lukes bell ringers instead.

  • 2:04
    Christmas is around the corner, not some random holidays!

  • Lolz

  • buy bitcoin

    edit also her is right about bitcoin volatility but that was a bitcoincash chart lol

  • Salvation army is very anti gay

  • I thought he said, “They ‘girl’ up so fast” 😂🧐

  • Actually Nazis DID do this.

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