Completely Insane Bitcoin Value Prediction, Tezos 10X, Dogecoin Favouritism & Bitcoin Tops Rankings

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  • when services say they accept bitcoin … they mean altcoins too?

  • You are (mistaken) DUMB if you don't think institutional money is buying in to Bitcoin – Buy!

  • I thought there was only me who knew about bitcoin 😣

  • The DogeCoin🐕🎈is getting bigger & bigger 💥

  • Yes these Banks & Crypto Horsemen are all in bed 🛏 together

  • DogeCoin🐕🚀

  • 2 million by 2019 is as likely as we will have a mars colony in 2019.

  • Why would he tell everybody about Russia investing in BTC? It would move the price in the wrong direction. They would have an incentive to buy cheap, to buy without the knowledge of anyone else.

  • BCH pumps because it’s functional and people use it. It’s cheap and fast.

  • We will probably look back and wonder why we ever doubted 2million dollar BTC. I really believe it’s going to be a dog-pile into crypto from enterprise investors. They won’t be able to get in fast enough after all ONE OF THESE LARGE BUYERS COULD BUY OUT THE WHOLE OF BTC ON ALL THE EXCHANGES. One morning we will wake up and the market cap will be tipping one Trillion and that will be the start.

  • Russia Should have bought Digibyte.

  • People are scared of the fact that wealthy people from countries that are seen as US enemies are hoarding bitcoin

  • CiP

    Is not even 6k…rite now….

  • Would you sell it if you only had 1 bitcoin and you could cash a milion?

  • Prob 2.000.000 venzuelan dollars…

  • I try to light up my friends, but there is so much you and I can DO.

  • Thank god the herd does not think nor does read meaningful 'materials", have fun with the reality [email protected]##$ shows.

  • Well said my man. Cheers

  • Tezos is going to be huge this year, I have been in the space a few years now, watch this space…..

  • No matter who you talk to, BTC community is always overly bearish when btc is dropping and overly bullish when btc is rising. When prices were dropping from $6000 to $3000, many investors were saying it was on its way to $1000. Now that it is rallying, people are becoming overly bullish again.

  • I don't understand how people come up with this predictions… 2 mil for BTC. Do you realize that the market cap of BTC would be +35 trillion at that point? More than US, Japan, Portugal and Italy's DEBT COMBINED!

  • It'll go to 2M once all the banksters buy up the majority of them.

  • meh

    If BTC reaches $2million dollars??
    we will have to pay lots of taxes..

  • Great video my friend. I drive for a living and I always have your videos playing while I'm driving. Can't wait for the next bull run when I can give up my job.

  • Is it gonna pullback at all?

  • only $2M?!?!? Why not $1B?

  • Tezo 100X within 5 years

  • Don’t trust Russians ….. country of theifs

  • If BTC hit 1,000,000.00 I'm selling and Ecuador here I come

  • 20:10 “I just don’t want to be hurt again. I don’t think my heart could take it.” 😁

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