BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT MY BITCOIN MINING FARM! Proof of stake infrastructure coming in!

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT MY BITCOIN MINING FARM! So far as I can discover NOBODY ELSE ON EARTH is doing what I'm doing. It is a first for any Bitcoin mining farm and one thing I really feel is a MAJOR improve.

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Tools used to make this video
Rode VideoMic Go-
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4-
Clean four cellular phone gimbal-
SanDisk 64GB reminiscence card –
GoPro Hero 7 Black-
Canon EOS M50-
Versatile tripod-
Lighting for studio-

Gun gear that I exploit
Serpa CQC OWB hoslter-
Carbon Fiber OWB holster-
Glock 17 certain plug-


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  • Check out Unstoppable Domains! Blockchain based domains that protect you and your content! PLUS, can be used as your cryptocurrency wallet addresses!

    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT MY BITCOIN MINING FARM! As far as I can find NOBODY ELSE ON EARTH is doing what I am doing. This is a first for any Bitcoin mining farm and something I feel is a MAJOR upgrade.

    Tip jar below

    BTC 13qF5ovjByDtFyGX1hYLA7uvhXj1BDH2KX

    LTC LcdKQ9JSAZRuypVtevhbna7hVo8hHf5UoD

    Check out my Patreon if you want some gold nuggets.

    Equipment used to make this video

    Rode VideoMic Go-

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S4-

    Smooth 4 cell phone gimbal-

    SanDisk 64GB memory card –

    GoPro Hero 7 Black-

    Canon EOS M50-

    Flexible tripod-

    Lighting for studio-

    Gun gear that I use

    Serpa CQC OWB hoslter-

    Carbon Fiber OWB holster-

    Glock 17 sure plug-


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    Add me on Telegram: @mr_kristof

    Add me on Snapchat: mr_kristof

    Find me on Instagram: mr_kristof

    Add me on Twitter: mr_kristof007

    Add me on Xbox Live: VoxiKnight

    Find me on DTube:!/c/cryptokristof

    Read my blog on Steemit:


    #cryptocurrency #BTC #Bitcoin

  • genius

  • Brilliant! A money making crypto farm! I am running 55 masternodes on a coin that is being listed on a few exchanges this week and then listed on CMC. Coins are very cheap now, but will increase in value once listed on CMC and be unaffordable for the average person. Pooling is a great idea! This coin is forked off of DASH and Pivx for the privacy coin. Lighting fast transactions, solid wallet and exchange. Cheers.

  • This kind of are not good choice in this year. For example, green mining soluion of MenaPay project. This is very beneficial and for free when we compare with Bitcoin mining or other mining solutions.

  • what do you think about Menapay mining mechanism? You mine it by staking the tokens

  • With this video, you should have posted a website or something that summarizes or compares different master nodes and their benefits; so we can look into this further if interested.

  • Btc needs to get 1 to arround 80% domination and only after that the real price will grow up but in the same time btc domination will decrease till arrond 40% then that will be a new time high again!!! And the time to sell btc

  • Xbi is the masternode to go :

  • I think I need to go back to basics and do some homework……
    My Bitcoin add: 3FRgc4QUBz2LymZpr4yJfxdZszRbXUsoYy

  • Dont do it they might be pulling your ip's and all your info to get a backdoor into some wallets of yours

  • support Horizen

  • Not so already has hosted MN for 5 bucks and you keep your coins, so no risk involved.

  • Great idea, although you really dont need an overly powerful server to run multiple MNs. Most desktop PCs can run multiple MNs.

  • Just watched Crypto Zombie on youtube. He mentioned something about SEC regulations on master lightning? Is this going to affect this masterode project?

  • Masternodes are scams its all snake oil except for bitcoin and possibly eth

  • Masternode i have been there, come on just focus mining the BTC King

  • 👌

  • You know its funny… but for some reason seeing you get excited while unboxing your switch and server for your latest masternode idea threw me back decades and got me truly excited for you. I rarely comment on this stuff but since you have taught me so much about the inner core of bitcoin I feel obliged to return the favor.

    Being involved in Data Center and Hosting infrastructures I have learned that ideas are easy but reality is extremely complicated. Redundancy, Fault Tolerance, Clustering, Virtualization, Hyperconverged, Deduplication, Cloud, Compliance, Security, blah, blah… Its all just noise. What people really care about is UPTIME. Especially when you are selling/hosting services that are dealing with $$$. Speaking from a life time of experience in the payment card industry I learned one simple thing. "You do not screw with people's money." For some reason they get very touchy when things do not go right 🙂

    —— Servers ARE NOT Antminers ——
    Out of the box Antminers are singularly focused ready to fly beasts. Meaning you configure/deploy and then rarely change anything except when performing routine maintenance such as updating, cleaning, replacing, etc.

    Out of the box Servers are mindless useless money sucking vampires. A blank slate that must be configured by a human in order to do anything. And we all know that introducing humans into any equation means making mistakes. Mistakes = Screwing with peoples money. And trust me – 90% of the outages that occur in data centers are because of a PBKAM – "Problem between keyboard and mouse" not a general hardware failure as filed in the incident reports.

    A server provides a single hardware layer that by its nature provides minimal to no fault tolerance. Sure it may have raid hard drives, dual power supplies, multiple network cards but they are plugged into a single motherboard with a single raid controller and non-redundant computational resources such as CPU/Memory not to mention the networking. The reason cloud services are thriving is because they provide abstracted servers that have literally separated the hardware and software layers allowing users to solely focus on their business applications/services. As you know the physical world is a very tough place to thrive in. So to provide the 99.999% UPTIME that your customers are going to demand I believe you need to think bigger if you really plan on hosting masternode/staking servers in your mine.

    I want to make clear that is not my intention to point out issues without providing solutions so here is some food for thought….

    As a start up I would take a look at a simple 3-2-1 Virtual Infrastructure –

    3 x Computational Resources (3 x Servers without hard drives)
    2 x Network Resources (2 x Switches)
    1 x Storage System (1 x SAN)

    This can be accomplished a number of ways with a number of vendors:
    ——- Computational Resources Recommendations ——-
    – Cisco UCS Blade Servers with integrated switches
    – Dell Poweredge Servers or
    – Supermicro Clone Servers

    —— Network Resources Recommendations ——
    – Cisco UCS Integrated or Cisco Catalyst or Cisco Meraki (Cisco is still king)
    – Dell PowerConnect 10G Switches
    – Ubiquiti 10G Switches

    —— Storage Systems Recommendations ——
    – EMC VNX
    – Netapp FAS
    – Open-E DSS

    —— Virtualization Vendors ——
    – VMWare Essentials Plus
    – Microsoft HyperV
    – Xen

    As soon as you see this list I know all you see is $$$$ signs but there are SERIOUS ADVANTAGES to going with a virtual infrastructure of this nature.

    A typical 3 physical host VMWare Essentials Plus HA cluster will:
    – Provide High Availability to all virtual servers (If a physical host fails it will automatically restart the virtual servers on another host)
    – Provide redundant networking (you can lose a switch and the hosts will still have storage and network access)
    – Provide redundant storage ( A SAN has dual raid controllers, PSU's, and multi-pathing so it will basically make your hard drives redundant – not to mention the other million benefits)
    – Support at least 48 virtual servers (so you but 3 physical servers with dual 8 core CPU's and run a minimum 48 virtual servers on the hardware)
    – Be able to monitor and utilize ALL of the Flash Storage, CPU cores and Memory that you paid so dearly for
    – Give you the ability to clone and provision new virtual servers in minutes
    – Replicate mission critical servers locally or offsite
    – and much much more……

    To be more specific if it was my start up and I personally had something at stake I would:
    – Purchase TWO more Dell Poweredge servers without hard drives, with Dual 12 core(minimum) CPU's, 128GB Memory, dual 10G SFP Fiber NICS

    – Purchase TWO Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 16 XG's 10G Switches –
    – Purchase ONE SAN (Now this one is hard and expensive choice. I prefer EMC VNX as it is user friendly and has auto-support)
    – Purchase VMWare Essentials Plus edition for 6 x CPU Sockets –
    – Purchase VEEAM Backup Essentials Enterprise PLUS edition –
    – Purchase PRTG Network Monitor –
    – Purchase a SIEM suite (I am not going to talk about this one in public comments)
    – Use Cloudflare to protect all external web presences (DDOS protection, WAF, etc.) –
    – You will still need to provide 24/7 Battery Backed A & B Side Power Infrastructure but we all know you got that covered!!!

    Now do not get me wrong you have a HUGE advantage over any competitor because of your extensive power infrastructure and knowledge but trust me THIS SH** IS COMPLICATED!!!

    Truly hope this reaches you and helps you in your new journey!!! If you want some help hit me up. I could use a good challenge.

  • Way to go Chris!

  • I actually have a HP ProLiant DL380 that I’m waiting for cardano’s staking for. I’d like to setup a stake pool. The server is just sitting on the floor for now, but it’s already configured with VMWare and with VM’s ready to go.

  • Mr K, BTC burst through 6K. Up everyday now $6300+ Best to You in your Ventures.

  • I am interested in renting server space for a ZEN supernode. Will your server and service be compatible?

  • I didn’t know about a master node, i like to know what they are, but I’m just setting up a lighting node with a raspberry pi

  • How about Lightning Nodes? They assist in the Bitcoin network….what is your opinion of Lightning???

  • I think you need to talk to the sec (investment dividend) I do think its a good idea.

  • Cool idea. Also cool that that Martini guy is teaming up. He is very adamant at calling out the scammers!

  • btw , if you want to achieve what i had in mind but too poor to achieve myself, …btc mining farm (ayou already have this) ,…then masternodes yup ,..and mining pools !! i think all of these ideas are good together. all of them in the same company.

  • Congrats! This is a big upgrade. Excited to see how this works out.

  • Oh noooo… You're cheating on Bitcoin…. You were my hero! So sad…

  • Duuuuude you’re on fire 🔥 .. keep up the good work!

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