Bitcoin and Crypto usually are not currencies says Financial institution of England

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Bitcoin and Crypto usually are not currencies says Financial institution of England

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  • You are not reading between the lines…did the bank of england hint even slightly that XRP would not be considered a currency? and XRP appears to be the most stable coin up to now, this low price which is fairly stable right now will help XRP in proving its not a Security as you must be aware surely.

  • another vid! man you are busy with this stuff:)

  • Breaking news kin is on coinbase

  • banks just admitted that crypto is better than their currencies.

  • "True" currencies likethe dollar finances WARS.

  • So the people who bankrupted the whole world are giving us advice. All you bankers better crawl back in the hole you came from, the people have had enough of this banker garbage.

  • I wouldnt take anything these morons say as gospel. They're a part of the establishment that has ruined the country

  • Bitcoin is currently like gold. Trade with gold is not taxable event. Why trade between bitcoin and fiat is taxable?!

  • That means they're not taxable!

  • Bank of England can go fuck itself! together with the Royal useless family..

  • Yes they are all ponzi scam coins with scam exchanges accept for BSV which will be used for all legitimate purposes

  • Crypto wasn’t created for banks approval so yea… also is usd stable? Lol last time I checked it’s lost 94% of its value over past years due to inflation, banks 🏦 aren’t loyal and I don’t trust their opinions at all

  • How many times do you have to hear a bank executive (and this is arguably the most powerful bank in the world) raise issues about crypto and volatility before it becomes evident that someone behind Ripple and XRP have made a deliberate and stealth effort to stabilize that coin and keep it with the area of 28 to 34 cents in 2019? Sure it may go over 34 but they retrace it right back down…they are showing the institutions how the coin can settle down after 2017 and 2018's wild ride. It is the only thing their customers give a damn about. They don't care if its 28 cents or 20 bucks. The banks want to see it can be held with large buy and sell walls and not go on a parabolic speculative run for days or weeks at a time. IMO…random retracing from last year would have already happened as we are nearing June.

    It is naive to think banks and companies that work with banks do not manipulate price movement. Especially in this field where NO ONE has ever been charged or gone to jail for pumping or dumping or spoofing. Stabilizing is far more above board than that…I do not know who it is, but someone has tamed XRP well beyond mere margin traders.

  • Hard to take one of the most corrupt banks in the world seriously in what they say!!

  • what about Venezuela money it's worthless

  • Good for xrp

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