“Bitcoin might be value over $10 million in 20 years” | Constancy Exploring [Crypto News]

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Constancy Digital Property Exploring XRP, Stellar, Bitcoin Money, EOS and Litecoin for New Crypto Buying and selling Platform

Fidelity Digital Assets Exploring XRP, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Litecoin for New Crypto Trading Platform

US SEC Costs Floyd Mayweather Jr and DJ Khaled for Unlawfully Selling ICO

Bitcoin [BTC] might be value over $10 million in 20 years, says Tom Lee

Sirin Labs’ $999 Blockchain Cellphone Will Begin Transport in December

Sirin Labs' $999 Blockchain Phone Will Start Shipping in December


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**NOT monetary recommendation! Simply opinion. Make your individual choices!
**NOT monetary recommendation! Simply opinion. Make your individual choices!
**NOT monetary recommendation! Simply opinion. Make your individual choices!

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  • Bitcoin experts predicting 10 million dollar bitcoins….. nobody saw bitcoin dropping almost $15,000….in a year…. Lol

  • Lee is a fucking moron. who the hell makes a 20 yr prediction on bitcoin. How about a 2 yr prediction. He cant even get the end of this year close

  • XLM!

  • And In 4000 years honey is going to be worth over 20 trillion zibblequacks

  • bitcoin wont last 20 years, it will be long gone by then. The technology is old and it serves a purpose for now to fuel the alt coin economy, after that it will get replaced.

  • As analyst i think bitcoin will never hits high amounts like people wish . Simply big institues and banks will creat supports and resistances levels to block the prices from over charging . So if you want to make money on crypto learn how to spiculate using Techniqual analyses and stay away from fundamental news cuz its just a non credible infos.

  • xrp

  • xrp will always be a non proof of work pile of shit that will always be a security

  • 10 years

  • 10 million dollar BTC is absurd. I don't think the collapse of fiat currencies on a global scale would bring BTC even remotely close to that. Tom Lee sounds like an insane huckster preying on people's desire to be rich. Either that or he genuinely believes his own shuck and jive.

    While I have no doubts Bitcoin will grow in price, I am one of those that doesn't think it'll ever be worth even a quarter million much less 10. 50k? Maybe, but unlikely.

    I'll believe it when I see it.

  • like coffe..try: https://hodlfuel.com/

  • Such a great video
    I also try to make some online earning related videos & get much guide from your videos & tutorials

  • I had Centra. They dumped on me

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  • Why is no one covering the fact Stellar took over spot #4? https://coinmarketcap.com/

  • Love your videos and content! Would love to see a video about bitcore (btx)!! such a great coin with huge potential! only 21mln supply and much faster than bitcoin with lower transaction fees!


  • BCD is endorsed by the 3rd largest Jeweller in USA.

  • @9min, 35 sec; 4th paragraph, first sentence; this blockchain phone’s chief marketing officer’s name is NIMROD. Reminds me of Anthony Weiner getting busted multiple times sending dic pics to minors. You can’t rite this stuff, folks! I’ll be looking for Apple to incorporate the block chain into an iPhone very soon.

    Bullish on Bitcoin, bearish on altcoins. The world has lots to learn.

  • If XRP is a security how the hell they let to trade it for 5 years, wash your head man

  • I think Stellar (XLM) will be the next. It is still up 200% from a year ago, is thousands of times lower cost and faster than BTC, ETH, BCH, etc. The infrastructure cost factor being so much cheaper could really play a big part of the market picture, if BTC and ETH break even lower lows. Jed McCaleb, the Co-Founder/Main Developer of Stellar.org, has a long history of success from creating Mt. Gox, which he sold long before it collapsed, eDonky (P2P) and CTO of Ripple.

  • Yes 10 milion $ in 10 years, and that will be the price of the loaf of bread…

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