Bitcoin / Digital pockets ቢትኮይን / ዲጅታል ቦርሳ

Hey! Guys
Right this moment we're speaking about Digital pockets
To have or Hodl Bitcoin or related like Bitcoin different crypto forex it's worthwhile to have first a secured digital pockets. You may obtain the apps from the web it's completely free.
Watch the video once more to grasp extra.

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Biya Tech

ሰላም ወዳጆቼ
ዛሬ የምንጨዋወተው ስለ ድጅታል ዋሌት/ ቦርሳ ይሆናል።
ቢትኮይን እና ቢትኮይንን የመሰሉ ገንዘቦችን ለመያዝ አስተማማኝ የሆነ ዲጅታል ዋሌት (የሞባይል/ የኮምፕዩተር አፕ ቦርሳ) ያስፈልጉታል።
ይህንን አፕ ከኢንተርኔት ላይ መጫን ይችላሉ ምንም ክፍያ የለውም።
በበለጠ ቪድዬውን ደጋግመው ይመልከቱ።

ስለተከታተሉ አመሰግናለው!

ይህ እውቀት ከጠቀምዎ
ሰብስክራይብ ፣ ላይክ እና
ሼር(ለሌሎች ማካፈል) ጥሩ ነው።

ቢያ ቴክ

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  • Very well presented … you killing it brother

  • Thank you for posting the video. Digital wallet is well explained and learned a lot 😐

  • Thanks! yemigerm geletsa new!

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