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  • I need to start telling people in this space my dof bitcoin. Have been in this for long time like 7 years. Bitcoin is doing what it is suppose to do. paying the miners to mine and create profits. 20000 was just a spike. Price was to high at time. TA will tell you that. There will be large swings in price . Sooner or later there will be a stable price of about 35000 to 50000 maybe not this year and maybe not next. wait till halving and months after. price will be much higher. better get in will pay more learn the hard way i have but have mined all my coins have had 20 30 of them yes sold some for couple 200 back when people buy and keep sooner later will be in there3 listen to me i know with that bee my piece i will shut up

  • Big pump! if no one buy it then more pump! You buy it low never goes up!

  • wtf!

  • I'll dump them all right at 6k then I'll come back get them the next ten days.

  • Buy parachutes..the dump will be huge

  • Bull Market is in, 3200 was the bottom, this is the 1 Elliott Wave of Bull Market.

  • This is a sucker's rally we are experiencing, next we will have the 100.000 $ and above.

  • Buy the dip! The bullrun has started!

  • Bitcoin above $4500 8% up as we said altcoin may bleed… if bitcoin move up. and same happned within 1 hr.. we think altcoin will coverup soon but its good to see bitcoin moving up… Stay tuned for more updates 👍
    Do you want to exchanged bitcoin into bank whatsapp 👉7004804926

  • i don t believe you flipt one burger in your life sunny love you man greetings from holland

  • how you have a girlfriend with a voice like that…lol


  • Bitcoin is over //////////this is for the suckers today people will get scam today agai a will lose 1000 to 1500 dollars im 1 week from today

  • Crypto curby trading predicted it


  • whats up with that weekly stockRSI bois? must be over 9000 now

  • i saw it yesterday night the doge was pumping crazy first that was somethink strange last night ähmm and you guys see today was a coin offerring on Bittrex 7 Million $ sold in 10 sek fuck i missed it 10 sek is a little bit fast but its the same like last year with these lunchpads like with the ico´s we all know what was after this in Dez 😉

  • LOL… If you can predict it it's not a black swan.

  • MOON 😀 !!

  • this pumps confirm we have some type of "dr. evil" group controlling I repeat con-TROLL-ing the pumps and dumps, people like you and I, doesn't get a chance playing on this territory. Edited…unless you like gambling.

  • Im glad i didnt wai the bottom xdd

  • Lmao i woke up and thought wtf is going on

  • I think this is not the bull run yet. this is the beginning of the month run. It just happens to be more than expected. I believe it will self correct probably after this run or the mid month run.

  • Wa gyud ni ayu ni na youtuber libog og utok hajaja. Ingon sya mi dump og big time sa previous na youtube


  • You would not believe my tweet from yesterday. It's all about William Shatner. : )

  • Amazing and where is Craig Grant, Crypto Nick and Trevon James? Holidaying in Jamaica and missing all the fun. Hey Mr. NOVAGRATZ must really be bullish now!!!

  • Black swan event? Don’t be silly look up the term. Also btc pumps, means Alts lag. Smart play use btc to buy good Alts then they catch up 24-48 hrs. Still a lot to learn young sunny

  • when price explodes, views explode. Everyone looking for the 'why' 🙂

  • Now it has to hold and go higher very soon. If not it's just another pump and dump

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    $ 5,436.00 3.08%
  • ethereumEthereum
    $ 161.94 6.71%
  • rippleXRP
    $ 0.296394 8.47%
  • bitcoin-cashBitcoin Cash
    $ 271.90 8.96%
  • litecoinLitecoin
    $ 71.59 7.78%
  • ethereum-classicEthereum Classic
    $ 5.46 9.31%
  • bitcoin-goldBitcoin Gold
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