Bitcoin Following Bear Cycle Completely – BTC Evaluation

Bitcoin has been following the final bitcoin bear cycle completely and since we do BTC evaluation on this channel, I believed it was acceptable to speak about it. Bitcoin value is unstable, however that is nothing new.

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Crypto Capital Enterprise is huge on monitoring bitcoin and litecoin market particularly. The overall premise of technical evaluation movies on Crypto Capital Enterprise is that though Bitcoin value and Litecoin value transfer very in a really unstable method, there's a lot alternative in being ready for upside and draw back. We additionally cowl Bitcoin information on this channel because it comes out.

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  • Best crypto video I have seen in months! Well done.

  • It’s so exciting and likewise hilarious when I watch videos and see so many perspectives about cryptos, hodling, and trading. So many views and you can't help but laugh when you look at how erroneous and misleading many of these are. The biggest of them all that really cracks me is the naivety with which a more significant percentage of crypto enthusiast use in screaming HODL without realizing the reasons to hodl and in what kind of market to implement this strategy with the hopes that BTC is going to be $1,000,000 or xrp $250,000 in the next couple of years. This fallacy is further fueled by greed which would see so many lose all their savings to hypes. Cryptocurrency today sadly is mostly speculative, unpredictable and risky to hold onto for anybody who is technical enough to look critically at the long-term trend, read the charts and understand the markets. Why should I invest long term in the most uncertain market in the world? I’d tell you why I can and how I do it and also how you can if you so wish. With proven strategies and signals, I have made quite a lot of profit (over $80,000) even in this currently bearish market through actively trading my coins, and this was until I took time to research and find a better method of making a profit instead of holding and having sleepless nights. First of all, I can make gains on movements that would bring loses to hodlers. This simple idea was giving me by Mr. Mark Hall ([email protected] com) when I started using his strategies and trade signals which has made me so much money already. My advice would take advantage of the affordability of bitcoin presently and buy some more but don't just buy, trade them to make a good profit and increase your portfolio in preparation for the approaching bull run. I’d suggest you reach Mark by the mail address provided and ask him for any assistance you may need as regards cryptocurrency and how to profit as a trader. He is someone that has given me invaluable help with his trade patterns and signals that are so accurate I win at least 95% of all my trades.

  • Astounding 🧐 Individuals are volatile but systems are predictable

  • Loved this video.

  • Great video!

  • My crazy prediction is a bottom as low as around $2000 (doubtful though, not waiting on that), and a breakout late February or early March (when it meets the long-term up-trend. If it breaks below that then I have no idea. (This based on the daily, but looking at the weekly the bear market could extend to May/June)

  • Great video.. Cheers..

  • So if we were to follow history, the turning point would be around October 2019.

  • Woohoo headed lower!

  • I subbed nice video

  • Your face is hideous

  • Great vid – You have beautiful eyes

  • Bullshit

  • It's real simple people when there's more buyers than sellers then it will rise !!!

  • Bottom is not in yet. We still have a ways to go. More like 1.9k by Christmas. Click my channel if you want to see my TA at how I arrived at that target.

  • Hey men! witch platform is this? byetheway one of the best channels I've came across..

  • damn this was an eye opener, thanks!

  • Wrong again

  • you are the man for doing this! Thanks man. Your info will help me make me a lot of money in 2 years from now

  • I plan to swing trade this new range as I have much of the year, If I do get more fiat to buy bitcoin with in this "critical economic crisis" I will do so under 4k.

  • looks like you were right. maybe do a follow up on this.

  • Yes I think you are on to something. It would be stupid to just ignore historical price movement. It's not loke you are claiming to be some kind of an oracle. I think what you say just makes sense.

  • Very well put together. Being a short term trader, It's nice to watch some longer term analysis from someone who is clearly mentally aligned with that type of analysis. Keep up the good work!

  • This is good.
    I don't like selling now & buy back. Only buy at the last low which is probably support.

  • Hai

  • If we take this similarity in consideration the next bull run will start in October 2019 and as target it takes almost 2 years to reach 100 times the Low we will be reaching or we already reached. What about 3500 usd x 100 ???

  • fantastic GREATEST CRYPTO CHANNEL!! wow, thanxxx 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • bro, your content is great but your voice sounds echo-y … get a mic like this guy Crypto Daily or pad your room to stop the echos.

  • Safest time to buy is around the litecoin halving, buy bitcoin and litecoin around that time(next summer) and it shouldn't go lower

  • Possible future vid? —> Today's coinmarketcap LTC volume is > $400MM with a market cap ~ $2BB.  Entire market value of LTC trades each 5 days?  Volume hard to believe with so many hodlers. Huge volume reflects price manipulation?

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