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My Web site – Be taught To Commerce Crypto Like A PRO! bitcoin bull lure electroneum bitcoin 2019 bitcoin stay stay crypto buying and selling

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  • Hey fellow students, we are gonna make so much $$$ on the second & third phase

  • why this chart is Brave new Coin liquid index of bitcoin instead btc? What does it mean? I searched on google and no clear information about. Does anyone can help me?

  • 👍👍👍

  • Good clear message i approve!

  • j w

    You mean the "bullish cross"? 😉 ty Steve

  • Steve don't stop making videos. You are the man and all your followers knows it! Been subscribed to you for a long time now along with others and you are the most accurate than those other humans. Ha ha.

  • Steve's a gift to crypto. He is the only dude I know that can stick to his plan 100%. Unlike Sunny D who is constantly being jerked around by mass media and may be even misleading folks in the wrong direction at times. You don't have to sign up for Steve's courses but it's there if you want it.

  • You are the best Steve, some other stupid youtubers jealous about you, keep the good work, thanks so much for your videos!

  • I would like to say coming from someone with no education didnt even graduate high school. that if someone offers to teach how to be a profitable trader and make money. to someone like me and it works i become a good trader and successful in trading all from TA knowledge taught by charts expert. to me thats not a scam so to the videos i seen saying so. did not pay and try the class before their claims. so i would agree they are just trying bring down the competition. And is funny cause steve has a business and trying to build it along with a community to help the space grow. when all they are is youtubers fighting for views,likes and popularity. And i am new to crypto and have never even made a trade yet. i have only learned how to buy on coinbase and register for binance. just learning how to make a ether wallet and got my tezor wallet in the mail. So ya dont know jack shit yet. But just My TA skills have grown faster then knowing how to even manage a wallet and buy bitcoin. just from steves free youtube . It would take forever type what i learned about TA from his free videos. at my 10 words a min type skills. But he is great teacher best in my opinion. i am not a financial advisor. But some day plan on trying his class. for someone in my case that is less educated and not successful the knowlage in his classes could change a life. So all the expert successful and knowledgeable TA crypto experts that claim steve is a scammer i will pay 5k for his program and i feel good about coming out in the end way better off then just trying to use google and youtube to become a real trader thats not part of the 95%. Thanks steve for helping me understand charts better then anyone else. keep it simple. Can't wait to learn to control emotion….Ben

  • Thanks men Nice video👍

  • lol last time every video about last time 😀

  • Thank you for all your lesson you rock

  • Bro every tech analysis channel I am following ends up copying your analysis with a few days' lagging delay, it's like that movie 'groundhog day' , I am watching the same thing over and over haha. Cheers for sharing.

  • I am PISSED! People are slamming you Steve, putting out negative videos etc. I DEFEND you at every turn, and what happens? You BLOCKED me on twitter. Why. There is some guy on twitter trying to resell your classes, and I tweeted this to you, and then bam, blocked. Perhaps I was the one wrong.

  • Best Youtuber in crypto…great video man straight and simple…its incredible how things plays out like 2014 2015

  • Prediction might make people lose a lot of money.

  • Hey team – support Steve, check out “that martini guys” video today on Altcoin daily. TMG advises we don’t know it but he knows heaps about TA. TMG said he is 100%, 100% BTC is going to 6k then 7 now!
    He said you don’t need courses he just googled some patterns 😂😂😂😂😂
    I think TMG needs to take CCU courses!!!
    Maybe give TMG and Sunny decree a payment plan Steve and help them out with your starter pack!!!

  • Steve you are awesome 👍🏼

  • love all that you share and teach us Steve. Do wish you would tone down the C.C.U Sales pitch a little, its a TAD over the top friend. Your T.A. is Unmatched…. you dont need the HARD Sale.

  • how fucking awesome is steve you guys???!!! not letting all the other morons on youtube get his feathers in a bunch!!! I WAS TOTALLY EXPECTING FOR HIM TO SPEAK ON ALL THE HATERZ HE IS GETTING AND TO SPEAK ABOUT THE SUPPOSED SCAM OF HIM RUNNING HIS SUPPOSED HORRIBLE CLASSES,,, THIS GUY IS LEGIT AFTER WATCHING THIS ITS JUST CONFIRMED WHAT I INITIALLY felt about steve! THIS IS A MAN right here. he focusses nothing on the dips hit shit talkers. HE WAS SMILING AT HIS HATERZ!!!! HAHAHAHAH STEVE YOUR A FUCKING LOC!!! LOVE U BUDDY!!!!

  • STEVE is getting hate just because he wants to make some money by selling his classes??? PEOPLE ARE JUST HATERZZZ AND JEAALOUS!!!

  • Steve is just a gangster trying to make bread like all the rest of us! how u gonna hate on my white boy steve!

  • aaaaaaaaaaaand the market has tanked

  • Ps. We need the next video already! ❤️

  • You know when something sounds too good to be true… Steve’s TA is like that but instead of actually being too good to be true… it’s just ‘TRUE’ 😂

  • great

  • What do you think of the bitfinex issue a tether caused the market to crash ?

  • Very in depth and precise analysis 👍

  • Can you explain whe you use the Bracenewcoin chart?

  • Great video

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