This market buying and selling evaluation applies to numerous exchanges, together with Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can attain 20ok once more and if we will probably be seeing a crypto forex market restoration this 12 months. Issues just like the lightning community have offered enormous enhancements for BTC and whereas it's true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Money (bcash) might disagree, I do see these blockchain know-how improvements to be very bullish basic indicators for the area.
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  • Nice video…..I think the content is great but if you really want to understand how to trade and make some really amazing profits you should contact Pauline, she can help you out. I have made so much from trading with Pauline, right now I've made over 11btc from trading with her

  • true head and shoulders occur at the tops of rallies, not at the bottom of downtrends :/

  • Head and shoulders is shite

  • I'm back just to say… That perfect H&S doe.

  • U didn't xpect ripple to drop? :)) its a pump and dump shitcoin .it will dump the fastesr and lower than anybody expects. That's why I don't touch ripple never ever. If I feel an urge to gamble away my money I will spin some roulette wheel. I have better chance to make money that way

  • Be realistic, the whole year it is dropping vallue and all the people that have lost they money this year will not come back to buy again. These virtual coins have no real vallue so the only thing that can and will happen is it is going down. All the promises have not become truth, it is not useable as money, it is not safe , it is not safe to invest in becaus it looses vallue, it is not anonimous, it is not fast and cheap. The Gold rush of last year is over and the only thing left is Fools Gold. Stop showing day and week trends show the year trend and than it becomes clear it will continuesly going down and it will not turn up.

  • head and shoulders doesn’t work this way…. you should know this.

  • Bitcoin Sv moon Lambo!!

  • U even dont know the Basic of trading, u cant make a h-s like u dit in a falling Chart, lol!! Happy to see all this "Experts"

  • "You don't lose anything, if you don't buy" just buy at 3k if it goes 5k then who the fk cares

  • My question: when we fall down soon after this tiny runup. Would it be a continuation of wave 3 (if we measure this bearmarket in elliot wave theory) or will it be the beginning of 5?

  • The Market is full of M's, W's N's U's and V's

  • I cant comfortably buy since i'm think it should hit 3200 first before going to 20k

  • Gui

    On the daily it looks reverse head and forming the second shoulder.

  • Bitcoin is actually a lot easier to predict than many analysts make out.
    First of all, you can't use the stock market as a precedent, nor would I put much store behind quantities such as "appetite for risk". It's a monetary asset that has aspects of the currency market, the stock market, the fine art market and safe haven assets all rolled into one.

    The currency market because it's fungible, mobile and divisible. The stock market because it has something of a measurable use-case (in terms of long term observation of the underlying industry). The the fine-art market because bitcoin is an original (and therefore as unreproducible as a Da-Vinci). And finally, a safe haven asset because it's the world's first electronically liquid commodity.
    It's the latter of these that IMO mitigates the adverse effect of collapse in "appetite for risk" in a stock market correction, because while precious metals have history behind them, they are not liquid on an electronic network and therefor have to be traded as derivatives – which kind of kills their original appeal and monetary properties.

    Secondly, the only real technical analysis that's reasonably consistent long term, is bitcoin's price-discovery mechanism. Since it's constantly mapping out "uncharted space", it generally grows in bubbles separated by long periods of steady changing hands. Significantly, each bubble – once burst – comes back to revisit the previous peak with the boom-to-bust cycle taking around 3-4 years.

    That's all there is to it ! It's an uncapitalised asset that's being capitalised over the period of a few decades. The process is cyclical, not random.
    So I don't think we'll see a 5 year or a decade wait before the next bull market occurs – the current trend is playing out exactly according to suit. A correction to $1500-$2000 was easily conceivable when the $19k bubble burst (since that was the last big peak). However higher bottoms are possible this time since it spent an entire year building instead of the usual 30 days or so. I'd say anything from $1500 to $5500 would be an acceptable bottom without invalidating bitcoin's long term bull which will likely continue for a good 10-20 years till it's fully capitalised.

  • Hey bud, where did you get someone to design ur indicator ?

  • What would be the min. amount BTC/USD to trade if I enter VIP…./ break even? Some times you post words from VIP's telling you that they have had profits the first day thats paying the fee for beeing VIP…….but of cource thats easyer with a ton of BTC placed in trades.

  • Calling patterns when it isn't even finished… might as well roll a dice.

  • yooo whtsuppp guiiiss howwws erry 1 dooin?

  • Going down to test 3500

  • 8:288:53 bullish to bearish in under 30 seconds 😛

  • Hi 🦖✌

  • Get adblocker

  • I'm a noob… is there a bullish div on the 1 hr? BTC, 60, Coinbase and RSI

  • we need to stay below 4500 This Week In order to call 3500 or 3000 " The Bottom" Check The Bollingers Bands In the Weekly, this is the only week that in this moment is outside of the Bollingers Band, If it continues below 4500 until Sunday, The bottom Is Reached!!!! The Same Thing Happened In December last Year, The Second week of December was The Only Week the candlestick was over The Bollinger Banda In all 2017, In this Week we are getting the same but below them……..

  • Imo, the bleeding has only just begun

  • Nope , there is no head and shoulders there at this time , thats like me saying there is picture of mickey mouse there . but there isnt . i know you said it wasnt your idea , but you should know that you dont put something there that isnt there .

  • What would be the min. amount BTC/USD to trade if I enter VIP…./ break even? Some times you post words from VIP's telling you that they have had profits the first day thats paying the fee for beeing VIP…….but of cource thats easyer with a ton of BTC placed in trades.

  • interestingly this head and shoulder target is $2900…and if am not mistaking thats what Alessio said.

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