BITCOIN JUST DID SOMETHING IT HASN'T DONE THIS ENTIRE BEAR MARKET (btc crypto worth 2019 information at this time

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  • Loved the interactive pop quiz!

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  • tnx bro

  • Hahahahaha nice April fools prank! 😂😂😂

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  • I only see one green candle on the monthly. What weird chart are you looking at?

  • Hey Steve, I'm from South Africa, I don't know how it happened but I followed you from you very first video and has never missed a video. I need to raise the money and take your course

  • So you clearly call BTC has reversed bear market, that momentum changed.

    BTW there was no capitulation candle with the highest volume you were talking about. You showed 6 red candles that didn't happen in 2014 cycle now. This indicates this cycles is not the same as the last time anymore or bear market didn't end yet.

    PS 2019 is the start of the new crisis year. It already started in the first quarter. Many still wait for it until half and last quarter but it's already here by indicators.
    There will be lots of turbulence. Big money hedging in BTC could slowly already started. And the more bad news the more good news for BTC. And the more good news for BTC the more banking world and governments hate towards BTC.

  • Got me! I about fell off my chair. 😂🤣

  • Steve! You are still one of the best, skilled guy, but this time your prediction wasn't that great. It happens with the best.

  • Yes Steve, you got me! Wow that was good! And thanks for this great service you provide!

  • What has been happening in the past 72h in the crypto space has completely thrown to garbage most of the technical analysis done previously. Such huge unexpected upswing ming be also a sign of a bigger major unexpected move on the down swing. I guess we are here for the long run… but as a swing trader be extremely mindful of what is coming next.

  • Scary about the earthquake! Glad everyone is safe and healthy. Wishing you and your family continued safety from harm.

  • steve you put out this video and then the market moves LOL must have some deep pockets my friend LOL……also people who have not taken the class Take them you will be very rewarded. this man really knows his stuff great teacher. he shares his strategy which is the most fascinating …years of knowledge. thanks steve im really doing allot better then 2 years agao

  • just Freaked ME OUT – So Funny u got me with 4/1 – Ahhh !!1 U da Man

  • Love the April fools crack hahahah very funny guy keep up the good work and thank you for making laugh today

  • AAAAAA i sold it as soon as you said btc going to 0 😀

  • What do you think about Elixxir? I've been seeing it quite a bit around Reddit.

  • You need to do a video Steve. We need you man to explain the big pump

  • U got me Steve! That’s the reward of someone who never cries wolf, u earned it 🙂 lol

  • yea you got me…. i almost had a heart attack……..

  • Great video Steve as usual. I only need to purchase a single class series I do not need a combo but no discount for single classes 🙁

  • 1,000 people signing up will make Steve a millionaire if he isn't one already 💪, everyone sign up

  • I believe we will have one or 2 more legs down…shall we call this one a false brakeout? similar to 2015 3 legs until we eventually broke resistance…

  • This is looking more like a ‘cup & handle’ out folding in the charts on the monthly ❤️👍🏼

  • You were right Steve, Bitcoin might not go to zero but it will go significantly low, especially with all the wash trading that is going on. Most of which is done from the Dark Web. We have to remember where Bitcoin is coming from and why it was created in the first place (to trade in the Dark Web). It wasn't meant to be a replacement for fiat money, it was meant to be anonymous.

  • Steve, you clown, you fucked me up for a minute hahaha. I'm watching this on the 3rd so the joke definitely got me. Thanks for everything you teach us. Much love pimpin

  • Omg Steve you got me, I was shocked for a few seconds like, contemplating now what do I do with my life… Steveeeeee !

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