Bitcoin & Ripple XRP is managed by one cartel (SECRET revealed)

Bitcoin & Ripple XRP is managed by one cartel (SECRET revealed). It's a conspiracy concept bind crypto currencies reminiscent of BTC and XRP. Why they created this know-how? They need to management the world and make a brand new world order. Are you ready for a one new world forex referred to as “XR -Phenix”?


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  • i agree with this guy.
    bitcoin and xrp is developed to save the mess they made with paper-currencies and to enslave poeple thru a new system.

  • Eli

    None of us are free, you see this is the illusion that you see. We are given the illusion that we are free but still human livestock to the 1%. We are the farm they are the farmers. Doesnt matter what they do to crypto, this will happen regardless no matter how anyone feels. All I know eventually, I will be rich and use that money to help myself and others.

  • The cartel you speak of is better known as the NSA.

  • Sorry this video is shit, do some more research mate

  • Everything you say is true, unfortunately this is where our world is headed. I have been following this for years. I have invested heavily into XRP because of who I know is backing it. What will happen later on or how soon I don't know.

  • Looks very probable that Coinbase will be listing XRP. they will  leave the big announcement to the last day December 21st

  • 4 – (8) – 12 2019 $$ … 2023 $$$$

  • I think I'll invest in aluminum foil! HaHaHa

  • You guys are trippin to think xrp is the "devils coin." Lolol. Different coins have different use cases. XRP is not going to be the only crypto currency, nor is that ripples intention.

  • you dont understand escrow

  • What did he say?? was he speaking in Russian??

  • This is old news.. despite what you're saying, we are controlled now anyway. I don't see any difference it would make to personal freedom. They already know what you purchase when you use a credit or debit card. I don't care. I don't consume illegal products so I'm fine with it. If they know what I consume, I'm fine with it. If I have to pay tax, then it's business as usual. This is our life. Like it or leave it. Be a good little boy or girls and your life won't change much at all. In fact it might just improve.

  • If I have to take a chip, I hope it will be salt and vinegar, or barbecue.

  • Unfortunately you are wrong. Xrp is being adopted by the world banks. Take that in for a second and compare it to who is adopting btc. Xrp will outgrow and overtake btc

  • New world order is already here!

  • The NWO is coming 100%, my response – SO IS JESUS. 🙏👍

  • As a believer in Jesus is it bad I hold some XRP? Can I not get some money eventually from the disgusting greed and help the poor?

  • They can take my XRP BTC ADA ETC ETH AND SO ON….Just understand no one can touch my JESUS, my soul is Non Negotiable . No chip going in me. I rather starve to death.

  • Monero is working on this and it already solved this problem privacy is very important

  • Litecoin and ethereum is controlled by aliens. Believe me its true!!!! 😎

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