Bitcoin To $10 Million? | Can BTC Break Resistance? | Coinbase OTC, Nasdaq & The Institutional Herd

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Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Bitcoin Information Right this moment: Can Bitcoin go to $10 million {dollars}. Each me and Tom Lee assume so. Additionally, are the institutional traders coming now? Coinbase launches OTC buying and selling and Nasdaq is launching Bitcoin futures. I will use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin worth to make a Bitcoin worth prediction. Watch the video to study extra!

1:10 Help & Resistance
3:55 EMA's
8:24 Month-to-month EMA
11:07 Google Tendencies
13:33 Steemit Layoff
14:22 Mike Novogratz
18:06 Tom Lee
19:58 Coinbase OTC
21:06 Nasdaq BTC Futures

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  • BitMEX Affiliate Link 10%:
    1:10 Support & Resistance
    3:55 EMA's
    8:24 Monthly EMA
    11:07 Google Trends
    13:33 Steemit Layoff
    14:22 Mike Novogratz
    18:06 Tom Lee
    19:58 Coinbase OTC
    21:06 Nasdaq BTC Futures

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  • Sell ​​Bitcoin as soon as possible … will be declared illegal and will collapse along with almost all cryptomonedas (except for BSV that will resurge from the ashes like the Phoenix and will be something like never seen) … buy Bitcoin SV (BSV ), will be the only bit of the future … I changed to this position about 3 weeks ago … I am informed of sources that few follow … if you do not believe me, little by little reality will tell … I I have fulfilled in letting you know …

  • Hahahahaha herrrrro

  • whales are done. Dinosaours are coming boys, BTW XRP moon boys will rekt so badly

  • Coinbase is best

  • You better sell suckers.

  • Is going to take a long time snd a lot of investors! That old Super Support area is now Supper Resistance!

  • hello carl. you are a very diligent!

  • Re

  • A co to za chłopczyk tu pierdoli jakieś bzdurki? 🙂

  • In making money off crypto, there are some popular notions some of which are correct and some, highly erroneous most especially the strategy of hodling expecially now that the value of crypto is on a nose dive and keepd dipping daily. Holding your coins in itself may not be a bad idea but the emotions behind it lately is wrong and extremely dangerous because cryptocurrencies at this stage is highly speculative, unpredictable and generally a very new concept so as a smart investor, you have to find a way to gain on your coins by day trading and making the best off it. In day trading, you a betting an asset against the other in a pair and your prediction makes the profit or loses. Predictions in financial trading are not guesses in the actual sense but intelligent, researched and well back up the statement of the future action. With the right set of strategy, signals, and experience, you can make predictions of as high as 98% accuracy. This is not as difficult as it seems if you understand the market very well, not being emotional and know the perfect entry point and exit point. People. There are far more experienced people who can guide you so you don't lose your funds but my strongest advice is never to trade using a Robot and also not to allow an account manager trade for you. The reason is simple and it is security. You don't want to lose your coins to a bad Bot or fraudulent Account Manager. My recommendation would always be Mr Wesley Wills. He has raised a lot from beginner to expert traders with hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit to show for it. You can reach him on ( ( wesleywillclinic @ gmail com ) ) and with his guidance, you will easily know the ropes around crypto trading by following his signals and strategies because with his indications to buy and sell, and you placing your trades, you will get a better and quick understanding of the markets.

  • If this is a 10 year game until we hit real big prices I think people need to chill and turn off for a while. People will lose their minds before then 😂 good work lad!


  • I do believe it is a wave of investors coming. If they weren't interested, there wouldn't be a Bakkt ETF followed by a COMPETENCE of VanEck partnership ETF. So, my guess is that there IS interest in crypto. Plus, these guys would NOT get into crypto if they didn't have the chance to win some serious money or if they didn't see the potential in this. I think you would also agree, Carl 🙂 Good video!

  • Come on click bait newbie 10 million that’s a joke listen newbies I tell you how to swing trade when the markets goes up you wait a little than you sell than you wait till and than when the market goes down than You buy again it’s simple as that I don’t need a dam chart it’s common sense

  • 非常相信,😁

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that log chart channel a ascending wedge ? The lines to look like they're coming together

  • headless chicken.
    maybe it flies to the moon

  • I think otc solution is not bullish why, when you buy a lot of btc out of market you won't create any fomo nor selling them otc will create a significant effect to kick start FUD.

  • U ppl are so stupid we are not doing up on list bank stop paying the main midia millions of dollars special the big red jew devil Forbes

  • Be curious to know if retail investors that left the market would be searching google for btc price action. They should already know to check CMC or another source for price.

  • Expected another hard drop, big boys arent coming in to buy btc at 4k and currently we're in a bearish harmonic pattern on 4hr chart

  • Going below 1K$, have to let 95% of all other coins die before we can make a real uptrend. You got allot of analyzes and have tools for it, so you should have told people to sold long time ago. Not dollar-cost averaging, making people loose more and more.
    This market is very unhealthy.

  • Nut case!!!

  • I know one guy he was drawing straight lines for couple of years, now he is a taxi driver. Drawing on crosswords during break time.

  • Bitcone

  • 🐳 Need to eat! They will come back ridiculous hungry wanting more!💪👀

  • hi, could you suggest any book to learn techniqual analyses?

  • Your the man Carl.. I would bet that one day you will hit 100K subs👍

  • It seems like institutional FOMO is building. Let's face it, you don't have to bet on Bitcoin but if you don't bet on human nature then you're ignoring history. Slowly the smart money is creeping and it can only go on so long before the fear of missing out grabs hold of this next hype cycle. Sure, there is some manipulation happening but we easiliy forget that this is a GLOBAL market the US doesn't own this market like they did the NASDAQ in its early days. Also, let's not ignore the state of this atrocious Keynesian fiat currency system that has its expiration date. This is fair game!

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