Blockchain: The Underrated Expertise | Navin Reddy | TEDxITMUVadodara

What's Blockchain?
Why do individuals suppose its only a fade? | Bitcoin
How it's fixing issues which we thought has no options?
The way it can change the way in which we use the Web?
Are you prepared for the change? CEO of Telusko This discuss was given at a TEDx occasion utilizing the TED convention format however independently organized by a area people. Study extra at

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  • please correct me if am wrong or missing something here:
    If MNCs(like fb and google) loose owning data whats the incentives for new companies to come up or even for them to keep letting users use their service for free? wouldn't MNCs ultimately be forced to switch to a subscription based model. And that would become extremely costly because that then would be the only possible model if data is being kept private. Finally bringing the burden on the user to pay for privacy. I mean if you've worked to build something like 'youtube' you gotta get paid for it.

  • There is no doubt about the Blockchain features, capabilities and data absorbing methods but in this presentation, I find some hypothetical imagination. But, Mr Navin says forget about privacy so I must ignore a critical or fragile aspect of human. Not exactly the privacy as sounds in the domain of internet but freedom should be sheltered by any future innovations.
    But Informative…

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  • Hi if there are 3 people(A,B,C) in one network started using block chain and Does C can see transactions between A and B.

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