BREAKING NEWS: SEC says Bitcoin ETF will not occur if market is manipulated!!!

SEC says Bitcoin ETF will not occur. Inform me what you concentrate on my theories. Like I stated, they're theories and as of proper now no person actually is aware of. However what we do know is there may be penalties for with all of the manipulation occurring out there.

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  • How can bitconnect etf Come, as Long AS sec tolerantes ripple scam coins?

  • "No pun intended. No offense to anyone who might be suffering from schizophrenia "

    Wow… now I really am paranoid.

  • So we need to stop the manipulation before we can manipulate it with ETF's?

  • absolutely bitcoin wasn't designed in this way. Exchanges and development teams need to stop collaboration to manipulate. secondly cryptopia needs to unlock their deposits they froze bch and won't open their wallets. I have lost so much just because of this . cryptopia won't even answer their support ticket. Icos, tokens, p&d groups with whale influence, and other non proof of work is useless including RIPPPPLE..

  • That's really odd that "manipulation" didn't stop the SEC from approving CME futures market. Someone explain that to me.

  • Ver is more trouble than he’s worth and bitcoin cash can go by by

  • HA!!

  • Some bitcoin supporters who oppose to cryptocurrency regulation don’t consider market manipulation as wrong and openly support it. Other crypto traders see manipulation as undermining its adoption.

  • It is going to $2500. Ver and Wright are scammers. They forked the coin for cash, and so is the other fork. They are not BTC … they are securities

  • Shhh you've said too much, just quietly get your BitcoinSv.

  • Your commentary is Spot-On!!!

  • We don't need an etf there stalling because the want to find a way to control it and that is not possible

  • All stocks are manipulated lol that's a sorry excuse. No etf unless there is no manipulation says the manipulator. Banks and governments are so afraid of bitcoin and have even admitted it. there is no putting this tech genie back in the bottle.

  • He pronounces his last name veer

  • Manipulation, Manipulation ?…….diamonds come to mind. The thought of BCH being at the root of this altcoin mess crossed my mind………then I said, nah, that can't be. I don't feel so alone in my thoughts anymore. You made some great points today, especially about the SEC shutting down an ICO and investors losing their money. Good stuff.

  • Love your setup dude. Im an owner / tech and that installation , your contractors definitely know what they are doing , very nice !

  • oil is manipulated even more (OPEC)…even food price is manipulated

  • Great content Kristof, so much going on behind the scene's. It can only get better I think after we are done with this big dip and things are going to get regulated.

  • The manipulation occurs on the exchanges, because they can trade crypto they don't actually have and thus impact price with derivative type trades. Exchange trades arent on the blockchain. This is hard to stop because there are so many exchanges in so many different jurisdictions. How to fix? First, require exchanges to be fully funded. Second, bust a few of them to scare the rest into compliance. Bitfinex will be the first to go, in my opinion. Coinbase and Binance will be spared. They are the crypto equivalent of TBTF banks.

  • Kris you need to update your patreon and check your mails… Teeka has not withdrawn his 40k prediction, his subs are pissed off but he refuses to apologies and is sticking with his prediction

  • As if gold and silver and other commodities are not manipulated. what's about derivatives, that's the biggest con going. another thing i want to mention is how the hell did bitcoin SV became a top 10 crypto ?? That's another con.

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