Coinbase Provides One other Coin, Extra Crypto On Constancy And Blacklisting Bitcoin

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  • Quite a doubtful development adding one more cloned coin. What else could be expected from Coinbase that is involved in shady deals.

  • I have no idea how they're not ashamed to talk about any kind of privacy. Some time ago they disclosed some info about their users. Coinbase are still struggling with this.

  • blah, blah,blah, coinbase, blah, blah, blah. they are fraudsters, what you should have said.

  • cant even get the name of the coin they added right smh🤦‍♂️

  • …'and lists it solely against USDC' XD

  • Who would want to buy that… it’s like 70£ already LOL

  • Can't wait until ADA is in the spotlight.

  • I like how you pronounce Zcash as Zed-cash and not C-cash

  • I like what Fidelity is doing. They have actually had a mutual fund out for over a year now that invests in microcap blockchain companies like HIVE Blockchain and Neptune Dash to name just 2.

  • $KIN is popular…yet it's not supported.

  • Once again, great video!👌

  • Tron is the only coin that updates on a regular basis and keeps investors updated.

  • OMG this guy's voice is annoying

  • Cloakcoin

  • 19:03 We know where the road is going, And we knew it could happen, and for that reason we have #BCN #AEON #DASH #XMR #VINCOIN and much more

  • use crypto paprika

  • 13:57

  • With 80% of the Bitcoin miners in China and with the price volatility from Bitcoin forks I don't see why Fidelity and other big businesses are so interested in Bitcoin. Ethereum doesn't compare to XRP either. XRP # 1

  • TMI can you do an episode on security tokens and the tokenization of the economy and why its good or bad for us, especially the little guy. Im trying to wrap my head around what makes them different from shares in a company. And can they bring gains similar to the cryptos that arent securities? Im trying to understand this whole thing , the SEC is supposed to protect investors but it seems like the little guy m8ght grt screwed from it. I appreciate your opinion on the crypto world continue doing it , great freakin work man.

  • Ledger still needs to add Cardano ADA support.

  • If us Americans don't start electing officials who have at least an understanding and interest/favor in crpytocurrecny/tech, we will be FUCKED just as we're FUCKED when it comes to medicinal advancement. I hate this fuckin place.

  • Add Doge!

  • Coinbase up to their usual tricks of adding their friends' coins again. Zcash will be made illegal in most countries if it ever gains traction. Funny how they're ok with adding that, but cite all manner of "legal" risks of adding more legitimate assets.

  • Screw coinbase they held my funds for 18 days

  • Don't trust Exodus wallet especially if you use torrents or don't have a very good firewall.. I got hacked for 2k few months ago and there are a lot of people who have lost all their assets reporting on Reddit and YouTube, just look around. I'm not looking back at Exodus until they manage to provide 2 step verification.

  • Really love this channel great information and really easy to listen to and watch 👌🏻💪🏻 keep up the great work and don’t listen to the trolls out here 💪🏻👍🏻

  • These guys don't even understand crypto, blacklisting addresses. Dude, I can create an unlimited amount of addresses.

  • BD

    Couldn't the hackers just turn their BTC into XMR on the dark web? I'm sure they are already pretty savvy with TOR and stuff.

  • excellent sir

  • the way things are going we will need privacy coins just to buy and trade other privacy coins lol.

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