Has The Ripple XRP Marketcap Improper

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  • The ripple is strong with this one

  • Best alternative for CoinMarketCap:

  • boycott marketcap

  • You are really making a useless argument about coin market cap. It would be better to understand how it is calculated and not get excited over nothing . CMC is correct and consistent with all other coins . Yahoo is not consistent check XLM and XRP , circulating supply is used for XLM and total supply is used for XRP . Why would anybody want to use Yahoo site for market cap when there is no consistency. You might remove this post just like you removed the earlier post . In my opinion you have made big mistake and there is nothing wrong in admitting and correcting it. It would be nice to see unbiased opinion about XRP .

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the USD amount in my account is wrong 🤦‍♂️

  • Obviously, tokens in escrow are not IN CIRCULATION, so CoinMarketCap is correct, not Yahoo.
    Does it make any rational sense to adjust reality so it matches your/our hopes & dreams?
    Rather, it's yet another embarrassment for the so-called 'XRP army' – and I'm saying this as an XRP holder!
    This coin can never be taken serious as long as it's 'fanbase' (can't be called otherwise) is behaving that childish, irrational and aggressively.

  • Hi I've just got a email of CMC as I complained to this is what it said

    Our method to calculate the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency is its existing reference price multiplied by the current circulating supply; this method is applied to all the cryptocurrencies listed on our site.

    On our main page, it shows the market cap by circulating supply, which is calculated by existing reference price x current circulating supply. 

    However, if you would like market capitalization using total supply instead, please see 

    Thank you.


    CoinMarketCap Support

  • DAI I will see you at Parkhotel Sonnenhof for our meet and greet after our xrp moonshot !!

  • Coinmarketcap is FRAUD! and we all know this for a long time, coinmarketcap needs to be scrutinized at SEC level

  • Eye roll… Not everything is a conspiricy…. Not everyone is out to get you or XRP. And why is it distrubing that CMC ask that only a offical executive or team member of the project can submit a circulating supply form… That makes sense to me. You dont want CMC to turn into a wiki were anyone can change the circulating supply. that would be a shit show.

  • This is what happens when retards invest in crypto. CMC calculates all currencies the same way. Multiply the price by the number of coins in CIRCULATION and you get the market cap. Yahoo is the one calculating XRP differently than the others, not CMC. You guys are just as dumb as everyone thinks. No one's trying to sabotage your shitcoin. I can't wait for you to get rekt.

  • My fellow XRP community- please there is a much better alternative than Coinmarketcap … try– if off the hook..enjoy..

  • I Use these now

  • Although CoinMarketCap's market cap calculation for XRP appears to be correct (see my comment below) – if it was adjusted in line with Yahoo Finance this would probably be counterproductive for XRP. By having a greater marketcap, but no change in price it could be seen as less desirable investment – basically it would be an inflationary effect.

  • Hey DIA, who would I contact to file a complaint to have this investigated for market manipulation. That's what I personally would like to do.

  • Pity. So worked up over digital mirages

  • Therefore yahoo is also wrong as the price would not be 38 cents ?

  • Is the circulating supply not wrong in yahoo finance ? What’s going on ?

  • When the coins are premined then it has close to no value . Value is determined by marketplace so you have to sell and see what you get . The coin in escrow has little value until somebody pay for it . Those coins may be given for free or sold at discount OTC. then it could be added to circulating supply . It would be impossible to get higher price . If all those coins were to add to circulating supply then it would affect the price of XRP negatively . Ripple owns more than half of total supply and that is negative for XRP . Last year we had good run with XRP which we are not likely to see again . One need to be realistic and expect reasonable return and not fall for the hype . Now institutional investors are entering and they have very methodical and objective way of trading . Have a plan which include entry, exit and profit managing strategy . There will be a lot of money made and lost and in this game in order to make money somebody has to lose . We all can not be winner .

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  • The total supply of XRP was created all at once by Opencoin (renamed 'Ripple Labs' in 2015) when the project began in 2013. The company engaged in giveaways (originally 50,000 XRP were given away for free to bitcointalk posters) as well as direct sales to distribute the coins, but retained the vast majority of XRP for the company itself, to be distributed (sold) into the market over time, at the company's discretion. In May 20171, Ripple (rebranded from 'Ripple Labs') put 55 Billion of their retained XRP into a cryptographically-locked escrow account capping the maximum they can withdraw at 1 Billion XPR per month . In my view Ripple should burn atleast half of retained XRP . It will help XRP price to move up .

  • Great Video!! #xrpcommunity needs to boycott coinmarketcap, time to use livecoinwatch!!

  • Did you steal Alex cobbs news or did he still yours. Its word for word.

  • Coming to the realisation xrp isn't going anywhere…. Ripple net is what they are building…. Xrp was a revenue stream…. Banks and payment services have no reason to make us all rich… They can simply use Ripple…. And don't have to touch xrp what so ever. Sure the marketing will pump from time to time… But it's a dream to say you average wallet will be a millionaire from it. The Crypto millionaires were rich before they invested.

  • I think you are talking nonsense and getting paranoid over nothing. Coin market cap and other crypto sites use circulating supply for calculation and not total supply . Yahoo is using total supply in calculation which is about 100 billion . Circulating supply is about 40 billion . What is so hard to understand . In stock market they use Total supply to calculate market cap and in crypto they use circulating supply . Ask yourself If XRP is such a great asset then why it is still at 37 cents and bitcoin is $4200 . You are so much bias for XRP so you can not even make rational comments about cryptocurrency in general . There are 55 billion XRP locked in escrow account and that is good thing . If it were to add to circulating supply then XRP would lose half of it's value overnight . I just don't understand why you are against bitcoin , no amount of badmouthing bitcoin is going to help XRP to move higher . There is room for many currency to thrive , just try to give unbiased opinion about XRP . Having bias in market place is one of the worst trait and causes lot of people to lose lot of money .

  • Let’s show our discontent in the best way we can. We need to stop using coinmarketcap and move to Yahoo finance for analysis

  • Perhaps we have a case for class action against CMC over the Korean exchange fiasco…

  • CMC is just deceiving people, thanks for the info DAI. Please allow me to promote my video here, currently trying my best to make cryptocurrency video.

    Please kindly watch my video guys

  • CMC needs an URGENT, independent audit to assure investors that their investments are correctly reflected. This was always my view too.

  • That’s disturbing about CMC. They should be accountable. And SK Sucks. I hope you have big dogs and guns at your house DAI, be careful, SK and CMC might send over some secret agents to silence you. What other exchange gives us accurate market cap. Yahoo? Boycott CMC?

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