“Crypto Gems” Hiding within the Wreckage…Like THETA!! (Bix Weir)

With the destruction of the Crypto valuations there are some actual GEMS mendacity within the wreckage…similar to the 2000 DotCom crash the place a few of the greatest names within the Tech sector in the present day had been buying and selling for pennies! Time to go purchasing for GIANTS!

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  • "2018 will be the year of the crypto." –Bix

  • Earn theta tokens by watching videos and betting coins.
    SliverTV link: https://www.sliver.tv/invite/u5kfyuomxk

  • HitBTC stoped trading VERI 11/22/2018??? …any info?

  • Nice chart on Theta. Doesn't look like a "pump" at all. I'm sure people who followed your "undervalued" stance are pleased with your sage advice. I'm sure you, your bald friend and the truck-driver, who calls arbitrage, "Al-Bi-Trage," got a nice ROI on your pump. Keep up the good, ethical work.

  • No one is forcing you to buy crypto’s! Is it highly speculative, unequivocally, YES. Could it all go up in smoke, YES. BUT, what if they evolve into what Bix, Clif and many others believe they will become? So, if you do not like what some are saying, you have a right not to listen. You also have a right to comment, but just imagine if you are wrong. Be well my fellow HODLERS!

  • How is Theta undervalued? What are your valuation tools? "Pumping," at least, by association with baldy. "Some of the biggest money in the world is backing Theta?" Lol. Big money has pushed the price all the way to .07! Your "almost over" video was a real winner. The stock market is going straight up. What did you miss? If you keep saying "it's almost over," you'll eventually be right. If you keep discussing "Crypto-criminals," people will never find out you're one of them. Considering you look 5'2," I have to assume you're a stress-eater. Are you taking a page out of the Bitcoin Ben diet book?

  • Gonna side with Whitedove on the whole SALT = BAD thing. Still 100% on board with LTC and DGB though.

  • Theta? THETA?!?! HUH!?!
    Is this a JOKE?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Theta is a psycho coin pushed by crazy psychos.
    Lowering yourself to their level is stupid Bix!

  • Thanks for your in site Bix!

  • I don't understand you Bix. A couple years ago, the reason to buy was bc they can't manipulate cryptos, but now it's as easy or easier than the rest of the stock market

  • Bix, if you think the controllers will allow the public to determine what money is then you are completely out of your mind. The only crypto currency that will be allowed is the FED COIN. get it through your thick head. There will be no justice for the masses. NONE. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD.

  • The Grand Canyon is full of Theta.

  • Remember guys Bix believe the federal reserve are the good guys…. no comment.

  • Don't you ever get tired of pumping shit coins? Oh yeah "the bad guys"…

  • pumping Theta like your buddy jsnip? NOPE not gonna buy that trash or SALT.

  • Please stop talking nonsense. I can currently see 3 reasons for the massive up tick in price for theta. 1. It got listed on an exchange called upbit, 2. Out of the blue they have just basically doubled the circulating supply of theta tokens, it was around 380m supply its now over 706m. 3. A classic pump & dump in coordination with the other 2 above facts. PS: do your maths, theta tokens could never be worth $1000 plus dollars each as there is a total supply of 1 billion tokens. $1000 token would equal a market cap of 1 trillion dollars.

  • Sounding a lot like John McAfee today.

  • Salt? All over again??

  • Bix & Snippy Love Theta Lite Coin & Digibyte ….. Pump it Up Bix

  • box weird and the baldy wizard jshit on the theta bandwagon! you guys are like pennystock pump and dump

  • Im so glad im done with this crypto nonsense. Grow up!

  • The worst thing for crypto is the fake futures market. Get cryptocurrency away from wall street.

  • I have made more money with Crypto than any stock . What bubble? Btc is an amazing investment over the past 4 years. Can you image a company creating bitcoin? The tech is so far ahead of anything out there. Btw, what is Facebook, Amazon, Ebay? Software and platforms

  • this is how easy it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pZLsUnVt8U

  • its dead easy to buy crytos with coinify and trasfer the bitcoin to the exchanges to trade you dont even need photo id

  • yes

  • Finally got rid of Theta got more BTC😆

  • Bix, wouldn't that put Thetas market cap at 1 trillion dollars if it went to $1000? Hmm… that seems unlikely…

  • SONG for Bix. "Road to Roota that's the name and away goes troubles down the drain, Road to Roota ect."

  • I need more Nano S's !

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