Cryptocurrency Exchange Generate Impressive Profits

A new study suggests that cryptocurrency exchange houses are catching up with their traditional counterparts. According to an Accenture report, the profits of the currency exchanges of the cryptocurrencies would be on the verge of equaling that of the traditional exchanges.

In his document, called “Capital Markets Vision 2022“, the ascent and growth of cryptocurrencies is contemplated, and how blockchain technology could potentially help traditional companies to generate more value and add new levels of efficiency to their operations.

Traditional exchange houses typically generate very large pre-tax margins, but their growth prospects tend to be moderate at best. In this sense, many traditional companies have begun to find new ways to bring cryptocurrency trading to their customers as a means of potentially increasing their profits while offering their investors an opportunity to build more diversified portfolios.

On the other hand, the report states that the cryptocurrency exchange houses have a 64% margin before taxes. According to these figures, in a couple of years, these platforms have “exploded from nothing” and now represent a substantial amount of profits, practically equaling the traditional exchange houses.

In addition, blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular with traditional financial players, and, to conclude, the report states that virtually every major member of the capital markets industry is experimenting with a blockchain infrastructure of one or Another way.


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