Deutsche Financial institution: This Is Not The Cascading Failure

We predict Deutsche Financial institution won't collapse. What it means for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
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  • You said they would collapse before and now you are saying they will be a big player. You proved you know nothing

  • The story I've been getting from Reuters is that Deutsche handled pretty much all the money laundering for Danska Bank as part of the Maersk scandal. Maersk is the biggest shipping and transportation company in Europe. They're pretty big in the UK too Dick. Not saying it's meltdown, not saying Deutsche is itself in financial crisis. But looks like they've been shovelling other people's mess for over 2 decades. Danska is about 4 times the size of Deutsche, both are private banks, not to be confused with the German national bank (DKB) which is pretty much the German national bank and the biggest player in the ECB (European Central Bank, which is how the Euro is used cross nationally within Europe). What could happen is that Maersk gets Internationalized as the European Union tranport network run from Brussels. Which would be pretty big news, but not a direct financial meltdown.

  • I like 'busyly'. Add it to the dictionary!

  • BLIND people can see the coming end of the fiat currency system. BLIND people can see the massive build-ups to wars in multiple places. But people who can see are reading the Bible, where the end of the financial system, together with the outbreak of multiple wars are written in prophecy. Ezekiel 7: 19, Isaiah 2: 18-20. The EURO is the first domino to fall, due to a banking systems meltdown in the EU. Ezekiel 7: 19. RUSSIA runs through the EU with war; at a time of famine there. Cripto currencies are another aspect of a failing financial system; where even silver and gold are 'thrown away' Isaiah 2: 18-20.

  • shut them down & lockup its management ….

  • Another " It has never happened , so it won't happen" video! Dick you don't seem to understand the nature of a paradigm shift. By it's definition it entails that something unprecedented must take place! countless scriptures of countless cultures and religions point to the very times we are in and predict something of unseen proportions will take place! If and when that happenes it won't be the same old same old! Open up to new perspectives my friend ! I don't know what is going to happen but I expect the unexpected!

  • Deutsch-i-byte!

  • Thank you for your financial advice

  • I have the same question as others… Where does your viewpoint come from? Remote viewing? An insider? News articles? I'd love to know. It doesn't quite make sense to me with these raids. They could be trying to regain public trust, but why not create a new entity with no bad PR associated?

  • That is one possible future. Another possible future is that many economies (China, India, Europe, USA) are unable to continue expanding regardless of the wishes of the cabal. Hundreds of trillions more are printed up leading to runaway inflation worldwide bringing an end to fiat currency. Humans will demand real money (gold and silver) and not a different form of fiat (crypto). The release of hidden technologies will result in no further need of any type of money. My future lies in the second timeline.

  • Well that’s not what your Fudster friend Bix says lol.

  • No unicorns and bunnies…..? THX Dick

  • Agree. Better to watch the credit market and General Electric.

  • Remote view something related to GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM! ice age may be upon us and hawaii will freeze solid!

  • I bought some Bitcoin today too! I find your reports surprisingly realistic. It makes more sense , the good guys [ as Bix would say] never win. Money always wins. That's reality.

  • I hope you're wrong.

  • Voice of reason. So many people seem to be wishing' kumbaya' on us!

  • I smell a Bix Weir rebuttal video coming. You two sure love to disagree with each other.

  • You’ve been wrong on other things this year Dick.

  • Bought DGB

  • You seem to be very sure – just resting on Michael's confidence? Hope this will be true. Long the Nazi-Rothschild bank!

  • Wow, crypto community is like SJW central, I honestly had no idea it was filled with so many of those types

  • Anyone know where I can get some Bitconnect? I watched a YouTube and the guy was so sure of himself

  • By the way, Dick has already told us that the movers and shakers have plans that entail more of the same control over power and money if not more than they have always had, but that they don't mind if we few commoners get rich alongside them.

  • Dick is way more connected to the plotters and planners who operate in secret and have had control of systems all over the world for who knows how many generations than anyone else we know. Why he has been chosen to offer up his information I have no clue and I suspect he himself doesn't really know. My best guess is that he is personable, funny, smart, coherent, an obvious RV savant and so has credibility, and has the chops of an excellent communicator with long experience in broadcasting, but all that does not really explain why the plotters and planners want information of this kind "out there." Perplexing to say the least.

  • The people that is holding (manipulating) the price down at the moment. Why are they suddenly going to give up control?… Coins without scarcity is FIAT. 🙂

  • Assertion after assertion upon assertion

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