Ditching Our Faculty Subject Journey – Half 1 (Dream Journal #6)

Principally we're on our bullshit.

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Ditching Our Faculty Subject Journey – Half 1 (Dream Journal #6)
Ditching Our Faculty Subject Journey – Half 1 (Dream Journal #6)
Ditching Our Faculty Subject Journey – Half 1 (Dream Journal #6)

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  • wheres pt 2 😤

  • You should make a video on whether or not you've ever had a lucid dream, have you tried to lucid dream on purpose, have you ever had sleep paralysis, etc.
    I've became "aware" in a few dreams but, while trying to get control over the dream to do whatever I want, the whole dream falls apart as I notice the errors and lack of continuity in the dreams setting. Then I wake up after falling through the collapsing dreamscape, kind of like the reverse dimension in doctor strange, or the fly of despair from SpongeBob. I always panic trying to think of what I want to do now that I'm awake in a dream. I always immediately go to "Uh… I'm gonna go Super Saiyan… Oh I'll fly… I should make Pokemon real…"
    Damn dreams are profound as hell. There's a lot of mystery.

  • ooo early squaddd

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