'Everyone seems to be Satoshi, Besides Craig Wright'; Congress Grills Financial institution CEOs; Crypto Lodge Reserving

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  • it's better pronounced ”DOAG” than "doggy". I don't like when you read anyway, just talk about what you've previously read, I'd prefer a summary, you even leave in editorial errors when you read it to us!!

  • He Craig, if your Satoshi, plse screw Jamie D as much as y can,

  • IMF is the “Self appointed” guidance for global money system.
    Good to hedge by holding a little BSV. I don’t like Craigs philosophy as he purposely keeps a back door accessible to authorities so they can find you if they suspect bad activity. This will be abused as authority of this kind always gets abused. Craig is a communist or Statist and believes you should live in a Nanny state. His thinking is the problem as he believes big brother should be watching and guiding. Control freak extraordinaire. Do we really want people like him acting in our behalf in any way?

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