Expectations for XRP and Ripple Reupload – What are your expectations?

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This video is concerning the present state of the Cryptocurrency market. I focus on how people who find themselves crypto hodlers shouldn't worry and maintain sturdy and don't promote their crypto. A crypto bull run will come quickly and we must always maintain sturdy! I consider the markets are manipulated and the launch of Bakkt has been delayed on function in an effort to hold the value low in order that xrp and bitcoin whales can enhance their XRP and Bitcoin stacks! Only a concept however XRP is unquestionably an funding that may be a long run maintain.

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These movies are for leisure and are usually not meant to be any sort of monetary recommendation. The opinions expressed in them are strictly primarily based on private hypothesis. DON'T shouldn't take my opinion as monetary recommendation, DO your analysis earlier than investing wherever.

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  • Hope this clarifies my position on expectations. Called out and watched again, I definitely sounded bearish so thanks to Project Vertical Freedom and Lawrence. Hard to always get out exactly what I want to say when recording a vid in one take.

  • XRP shitcoin..


  • 3 years long term ha ha ha;! Mid term at best;) If you can't hold for 3 years or so yeah, this might not be for the impatient investors;) 2020 MAGA and XRP;) Win , win!

  • 100+


  • Hey I've no problem with a bearish outlook friend..it did take me by surprise though.. but as you've said on other vids the hype is intense yet the bull has not even awoken yet..
    I really believe that a more mature and aggressive approach by us is necessary.. it's overdue and essential that, as a community, we up our game.. remember 'buy the rumour .. sell the news' addage.. not with XRP.. this product has literally built an infrastructure with partnership galore but market price .. nothing.. otc/big giveaways .. market price? .. no change.
    We retail investors need some assurance from BG.. DS.. Larsen.. to name some .. what's happening here.. we are not fools but feel our investments are being dismissed.. Are they? Will the inevitable rise of XRP be reflected in market price..?
    Does it seem far fetched! I don't think so.. but this growing disquiet can easily be dispelled by the kings of XRP.. telling us..

  • Hardest part of crypto: waiting! Haha! Whether big price moves happen todAy, tomorrow, or months from now, we will be rewarded for HOLDING. Like my dad used to say about things: “you’ll know when it happens!” 😂. I mean, he’s right! Have a great weekend!

  • Expectations is a strong word. That creates self generated frustrations, should those expectations be naive and unrealistic

  • There are many conflicting stories about whether or not TIPS uses Ripple's technology. AMB says yes, or fairly sure?, CryptoEri says Tips is working with Ripple??

  • $100 EOY

    $25,000 ea. – Sky is the limit (Eventually).

    Nuff Said.

  • Anything can happen In one Month , 1 month in crypto is like 1year in real life

  • respect !

  • I just wonder why the CEO of SBI said he predicts 10$ EOY. Wish we knew what was planned at the time. 😂😂

  • The rumours are all BS!

  • Jungle Ink you said it 'Swift and other competitors are strapping a keyboard to a pile of junk ,they dont know whats coming

  • Big thanks from Morocco…
    We gonna hold and hold, don't worry
    #xrp #xrpcommunity

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