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– Constancy Trying to Broaden Digital Asset Buying and selling Past Bitcoin and Ethereum
– Ripple's CEO Brad Garlinghouse Tweets the next – Thrilling to see extra folks in conventional finance world take the lengthy view on digital belongings. Similar to inventory market volatility ≠ the tip of shares, digital belongings aren’t going away
– Huobi International launches: Huobi Spinoff Market. The subsequent step in cryptocurrency buying and selling is right here! Huobi DM provides our customers the flexibility to purchase or promote Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies at predetermined costs at specified occasions sooner or later.
– Duetsche Financial institution was raided for suspected cash laundering
– The Block Reporter Frank Chaparro tweeted – Would you be stunned to know that the biggest buying and selling companies and hedge funds within the US are buying and selling on BitMEX, a derivatives crypto trade that is not open to US based mostly merchants.
– TAS Group has been parted with Ripple since 2013
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Disclaimer – Considering Crypto and Tony aren't monetary or funding specialists. You must do your individual analysis on every cryptocurrency and make your individual conclusions and choices for funding. Make investments at your individual threat, solely make investments what you're keen to lose. This channel and its movies are only for instructional functions and NOT funding or monetary recommendation.

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  • blablabla bullish news this , bullish new that,.. iv ebn listeniin th same shite more than a year now..
    wheres mai fuckin muun & lambo ffs?

  • If XRP doesn't go up significantly in price before the end of January, there is going to be a huge selloff. Crashing lower. People are losing hope. Lots of good news for XRP = a lower price.

  • 200 billion euro money laundering by Danish bank is one of the biggest scandals in financial market this year. Now Deutsche Bank. What a mess. Go crypto!

  • Thanks for the website. I’ll certainly use it and share it. I gave my mother some crypto for Christmas (on a Nano) in an effort to get her engaged in the community and so that she has some skin in the game and can hopefully watch some growth. I’ll certainly refer her to the site.

  • Buy buy buy….take your coins off the exchanges and hold what you have…that's exactly what these investment companies are going to do…they are buying a lot of cryptos from over the counter sellers which do not reflect real time purchases…very exciting times

  • Look into the market the way things have going, any guess when bull run going to start, end of December any chance?? Or need to wait more till Q1 of Jan 2019.

  • Good.

  • MEO

    I have to admire your patience and constant shilling of XRP. As you say lots more exchanges, but the price goes down, you have more patience than me. Are you paid to shill, i am thinking there are a few of you who are, you wont admit this I know.

  • Lol…
    Its already all derivatives.

  • * *

    Excellent updates. Those [email protected]@NK$ will @[email protected]$ [email protected][email protected]@TE
    & !N$iDER [email protected] $pot on Mate. THANKS AGAIN Tony (( ;
    P.S. REALLY ENJOY your (9) line LEAD-IN$ to each Crypto Daily $tory.

  • You have a very professional Channel

  • “Do you see what’s happening here?” Iconic.

  • Hey Thinking Crypto. Got a question for you hopefully yoiu can answer. i want to extend into other coins , but this whiole ico thing thats going on has me believing the security token thing is going to take away from the growth of the crypto movement. so can you answer as to if its good or not for us? will it stop exponential gains like we have seen in the past? cardano, eos, a few other projects im looking at im hesitating hitting the trigger because of these issues. if alot of these coins are found to be securities, they cannot be used for their purpose, meaning no main stream adoption for them. Please expand on the whole security token movement and how its good for the space, especially for certain projects. and what you think the role of xrp will play in it, should we be worried about it ? securities are taxed every time they are sold so how can these "currencies" actually be used? and the projects in your portfolio, are these some of the conditions that they have met, as far as not being securities? is that one of the conditions for something to make it into your portfolio? i understand none of this is financial advice im trying to grasp this whole tokenisation movement and if its good for the space or if its going to stop everything, thanks Tony

  • Excellent crazy stuff with Deutsche

  • The Banks are above the law. They treat these fines as a business cost. Until individuals at the top of these companies are held to account & jailed nothing will happen


  • Thx again Tony 👋👋👋

  • Dr. Doom. LMFAO!! Yoooo Nouriel Roubini is hilariously awesome. HE'S THE MASTER OF FUD!!!! hahahahaha

  • Derivatives are not good for crypto long term growth

  • Ever feel that Wall st might hit this market, pump n dump it like we have never seen and leave retail traders/holders in ruins ?

  • Careful stating events as official while you are basing that on articles with info like "sources said"

  • Good work Tony, thank you

  • I want Blood in the Streets, so then i can fill my bags like shit😂😂🤑

  • Tony, you and sam need to do a stream together. Two big xrp names together. Would make for a good YouTube post!

  • Tell it brotha.

  • Can I ask you a question? If lightning Network ends up being successful for Bitcoin do you still see it taking over the number one spot?

  • 😇

  • Tony, How long you think before a big bull run? what does your gut say man?

  • That website was a brilliant idea. Thanks for being a great xrp community member.

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