{Hardware} Pockets Help in BTC Core


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  • Can't wait! Thanks for the update.

  • This is what the Core client needed – I am looking forward to using the Trezor with BTC Core.

  • Hey Jimmy, love your videos! I just have a simple question that has always kept me from buying crypto, that is where to hold bitcoin I purchase. A couple of the main options are either keeping it on an exchange (which seems to be highly discouraged) or keeping control of your private keys on a cold storage device. To me the second idea seems even worse as I lose things all the time and if I did keep it this way I would be worrying about it 24/7. The same reason I wouldn’t want to keep a ton of cash on my, I wouldn’t want to keep a bunch of money on a stick of hardware. To go global and reach the average people, won’t there have to be these places that people can store there crypto on where these places can take the burden and worry of whether there safe or not? That’s a reason we have banks right? So people don’t have to worry about holding their money on their own, I am not having sleepless nights worrying my money in bank will be stolen. Holding my money on a stick that I can easily lose seems a little stupid, but bitcoin people seem to think it’s the greatest thing. I want to buy crypto, but just don’t want the worry that comes with holding it. Any thoughts? Thanks man!

  • Jimmy, do you now if we'll be able to import an existing private key into the hardware wallet for offline signing, and have the online Core node simply serve as a watching only wallet for the associated public address? Thanks for sharing this video!

  • It’s about time ! Great news! Great videos!

  • Videos like this is awesome! Thanks for updates like this

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