I come to bury bitcoin, says UBS’ international chief economist

Paul Donovan, UBS, on whether or not bitcoin is in its loss of life throes. With CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Quick Cash merchants, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman, Dan Nathan and Man Adami.

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  • I'm SICK of these Sharks who later will do their "mea culpa",

    Got one Question for this Smart Ass ! Could "mea culpa" Help Solve Governments Shutdown?

  • What everybody desperately wants is to have this guy back on in 24 months, which ain't gonna happen of course. CNBC will see to it.

  • GET IN NOW , before its to late … and remember people, they want to keep all of the people Dump and Fearfull, while the LOAD there balances up…and then they drive up the price, leaving the small fish behind….every dump, the big wales buy more…and they say its not value?? yeah right ETF, goverment payments, shorting-longing posible, international known asset, and the price has been growing from the beginning, even now its 3-4x higher then begin 2017 3x = 300%, so that's whyyyyy they don't want you to buy any
    and if the OTC market, was to be booked in the normal trading charts, the price would be up by 20x now, but they are sneeky basterds …

  • crypto fanatics are soo blinded its not even funny. crypto will not fade away but bitcoin will. many others will rise but not bitcoin

  • Bitcoin's here to stay but like silver will bury its followers rather than enrich them.

  • LOL funny thing is he is right on some of what he said. hodlers are supper butthurt

  • A real idiot…Does he know BTC had already 6 bubbles ?? And that with such a small market cap, BTC just CAN'T be without any volatility due to its low price…

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  • This is guy…OMFG! don’t get swayed by the accent people this dude just said they will never be currencies – OK..

    Let’s break that down. So, can we agree that most public technological advancements stem from 2 sources – government and/or black market adaptation? Pretty sure black market is already using cryptos as its ONLY source of currency and government is getting into using it itself (GO OHIO) and there’s a lot more talk about regulation (legitimizing it as currency)..again I’ll say..this dude OMFG 😂

  • Who doesn't want a universal currency?

  • capitulation boys

  • His eyes alone tell you, this guys‘s high as 🍌!

  • this idiot talking so much shit when theres people like me that made millions off bitcoin. who is the real stupid?

  • Between Bitcoin and the US dollar, which of the two has been the better store of value for the past ten years?

  • Ya bitch, you better not show your face… do it over the phone.

  • Who said that bitcoin or crypto should only exist under no-gov scenario?

  • "This device being officially promulgated, circulates and maintains its purchasing power not so much from its substance, as from its quantity." Julius Paulus (Roman jurists)

  • Another banker pooping his shorts lol. The day of the vulgar rich bankers running things looks like it might be on its way out……..

  • Only a few people can identify a bubble.

  • "Printing money doesnt create inflation AT ALL"

    – Jews 2018.

    Are they even trying xDDDdDD

  • XDDD
    They are so smug right now xDD

    I cant wait crypto market reaching 10 trillion $, and price of 1 BTC being 200 000$

    Their smugness will evaporate fast xD, and when market becomes bearish again, and 1 BTC price drops to 60 000$
    They will come with their smug faces and try to "bury bitcoin" yet again xD.

  • This guy is 100% correct, but wish he did not hold back and called it like it is- ALL Cyrptos are complete garbage!

    There is absolutely NO Scarcity of these "Coins".

    You have open source code available to any idiot who wants to make their own alleged "Currency".

    Then coin platforms are hacked, coins stolen, price manipulation with no regulation, etc… a complete pile of s h i t.

    It is backed by nothing but a bunch of idiots who create the inventory of "Coins" (and usually take 20-30% of Inventory of coins for themselves), and then try to get other idiots into the game to pump the price of these coins up. Basically the "Greater Fool Theory" in full effect.

    Tens of thousands of new Coins created from nothing, back by nothing, little script kiddies thinking they are making their own closed loop eco system to circumvent the real Monetary Systems that are in place.

    You crypto idiots will see in the end that this was a complete pile of s h i t.

    Full disclosure, I have no dog in this fight, and in 2010 had the chance to put up a bunch of servers when mining the coins was easy af.

    I thought it was garbage then, and think it is garbage now.


  • 100k in 4 years.

  • Dollar down 97.25% LMAO cnbc is a leftist rag of the banking cabal.

  • Hi, Free bitcoin http://www.pnd.tl/W3UbKA8m

  • Interesting to see CNBC get some cryptoskeptik for once. Maybe reality has finally started sinking in and they are beginning to doubt Tom Lee's predictions. Or maybe people have started to blast them for cheerleading the bubble last year and making them lose money.

  • CNBC letting people from criminal entities on their show?

    Nov 2014 – $290 million fine from CFTC for foreign exchange manipulation.

    May 2015 – $342 million fine from US Federal Reserve for currency manipulation.

    So how much bitcoin did UBS buy?

  • Completely agree with him, they are not even a “thing”, they are pretend money, but I worry and feel bad for HODLers.

  • Finally someone with brains and he uses them! The gold Rush of end of last year is over and whats left is only Fools Gold Bitcoin is going down. Last one in looses lol

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