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Bitcoin solely? Or, do you have to diversify?

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Word: This isn't monetary recommendation as all investing is speculative. Have enjoyable and good luck!

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  • All altcoins will eventually return to its intrinsic value — ZERO.

  • Bitcoin is the real estate on the island. Alt coins are the buildings, and structures being built on said island. Do you own one of those 21 million lots? On your private wallet, you may want to buy another lot, or see about some of those buildings. Each of those buildings are being built on lots, but not every contractor, and builder are the same. Caveat emptor, buyer beware!

  • Traded in Lambo for the SUV?? What's going on over there butt talker haha πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

  • Mr donald earl is an amazing trader

  • I'm diversified. Bitcoin, a paid off house, 401k, pension, vehicles paid off, and a big ammo box full of silver.

  • 1 .BITCOIN


  • In my opinion if you are a day trader in cryptocurrency then it's a market for playing and gambling. As a Hodler I'm investing in cryptocurrency that is currently the only business utility which is XRP. This cryptocurrency is backed by Ripple and other big businesses. Therefore, currently I am not diversifying. How can you invest in Bitcoin where almost 80% of the miners are in China? Its price will always be volatile from forks. Mined coins are not scalable and expensive for micro transactions. XRP will be # 1 others may follow.

  • moved out of altcoins into bitcoin at the peak. Now moving out of bitcoin into altcoins. yeah, I should have cashed out, but you got to be In it To Win it Baby!

  • Cool shirt holmes. Haha butt talk.

  • Here is the thing, Ethereum used to be $1200 and is now $106. BTC was 20k max and is $3800 now. Ethereum is easily going to be 12x more in the future if the price only gets where it was. BTC 6x if it gets to where it was. ETH might be a good safety basket.

  • a little bit, just a lil bit

  • Simply holding Bitcoin is diversification, if you've been holding Bitcoin since last year you'd have BCH, BSV, BTG, BCD, BTCP, and all forks going into the future.

  • Peta for the win

  • I was just hodling the bitcoin and it auto diversified.πŸ€” I don't even know how many shitcoins I have anymore.
    Automatic for the people. πŸ“πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸš€

  • ADA will survive this bear market no problem. So will many other top cryptos

  • Buy alt coins that are under $1. When the market rallies you can easily have hundreds and thousands. Bat, xrp are a couple that should make big gains along with bitcoin

  • Invest in crypto HAHAHAHHA what’s fool

  • Diversify

  • sitting on bull launch pad not fun

  • oh a lambo cunt, fuck u

  • Which is why I am loading up on dogecoin.

  • China 74++% hash… good luck to pow holders…

  • Im confused
    i bought two lambos but i never recieved any bitcoins:(

    Did i do something wrong?

  • Bitcoins first real world use case was buying illegal drugs right?

  • lol

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