Is Bitcoin's Surge for Actual or "Pump and Dump"?

Bitcoin surged increased right now previous some key resistance ranges. However is that this more likely to be the beginning of a significant uptrend – or simply one other pump and dump? We have a look at the information.

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  • Cool, Calm, Reasonable, Thank you.

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  • I wish I had never heard Allesio, he is a disaster in crypto analysis., that is why, you rarely trade Bitcoin

  • I have better chances of making profits from managed investments than gambling with my money.

  • No dump. Just pump. -Phil

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  • Alessio hello,
    It's 17 days after and the market still did not dump.

    1. Could you make a follow up video to this one? Is it too early to expect a dump?
    2. I'm afraid that your and your SW's Elliot Wave count may be wrong. We could be in an WXWXY kind of wave since the top at 20K and not 1, 2, 3, 4 (the one we are in according to your interpretation)
    Though I wish yours were true as it would simplify things a lot.

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  • Hello Alessio, excellent video as always!! QQ: from where to where have you draw the fib on min 1:18 ? Thanks in advance! Miguel Argentinian in Ireland. 😉

  • You think it will go to 3400? I love your videos btw.

  • Great content man, definitely got a new follower here, I see 5700 tested and plummet down to 2800-3200 area after. Happy to see similar thoughts from you. Great work

  • this is nonsense, complete and utter nonsense. if you want to find patterns you can, no reason whatsoever for it to be affected by 21 month average. you can find a pattern to support any hypothesis

  • Allessio you are the reason why I have my fiat on the sideline. I will buy in once it goes 4200 and lower levels like you mentioned

  • Update sir?

  • Sub 3k before anything major happens. Stable coin 1/3 of your bags now to buy the dip. Just my opinion.

  • Pump and dump fo sho

  • now you know what information for the masses is all about 😂

  • Thanks for the content

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  • sure it is a surge i gain good profit from mining bitcoins with mr pavil conrad .

  • love the content you create. Inspiring… I am a big beliver i ln EW theory as well, but there is something thats bugging me about that last statement and
    the example that you've given… If the situation, with bitcoin is mirroring the movent as it did back in 2015, why didn't the fifth wave ended up lower than na 3rd after it hit the 21 MA? Does this mean that the fall we are awaiting could potentialy not reach the lows of December?

  • A G

    haha, I actually agree with you, but now I'm not so sure….you are always wrong….

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  • Thanks for your videos and insight Alessio. Don't even bother with the less educated and low IQ people in the comments!

  • I would say it’s for real, but a dangerous bubble may form on top of that lead by euphoria, it’s typically human to overshoot either up or down it’s the mob mentality.

  • If every pattern in a chart repeats its history then you will end up with a chart that has the same pattern forever and hence you don’t make sense.

  • Your voice so low not like usually

  • 80% people believe that btc l dump again hard , but btc always surprises when people thinking uniformly

  • The month just started. How do you know it's gonna get rejected at the the 21 EMA? it may close the month above 6k.

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