Is $BTC Nonetheless Value It? Constancy Including MORE Cryptos?!? SEC Superstar Crackdown! Deutsche Financial institution

What's Bitcoin’s REAL intrinsic worth? Worth… not quantity? Coinbase provides $ZEC, SEC cracks down on movie star endorsed ICOs, Deutsche Financial institution cash laundering scandal, MEW SCAM, crypto naysayers, Intel mining patent, information, and extra!

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0:09 Markets (don’t look…)
2:00 Crypto on Jeopardy!
2:45 Tim Draper nonetheless bullish:
3:46 CEO of ICE:
4:45 Crypto naysayers:
7:14 Worth not Quantity?
8:28 Vitalik’s response:
10:36 Constancy including extra cryptos?
11:46 Coinbase provides Zcash (ZEC):
12:45 Satoshi is alive?!?!
13:26 MyEtherWallet SCAM:
13:49 Tron dApp utilization beats Ethereum (ETH):
14:52 Tron (TRX) Arcade:
15:28 Dan Larimer addresses EOS group:
16:29Binance (BNB) provides 30 cash to Gold Label:
17:03 SEC slams celebrities:
19:15 Official launch:
19:24 Deutsche Financial institution cash lundering:
20:47 BTC accepted at jewellery outlets:
21:22 Intel Mining patent:

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  • Thank you man great info 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • 6:58 Bitcoin is not fungible! That's one of its biggest problems. Coins have histories that can be traced, so one BTC that has passed through criminals is not going to be accepted as readily as one BTC that hasn't.

  • well you say BTC keeps going because people keep using it, but I tell you what 🙂 we use it because we have to, not because we want to 🙂 … the transaction time is long and it is pain in the ass that its hard to exchange any other crypto to FIAT without having some direct contact with BTC ….its like this idiotic way of doing business in the world with FIAT many countries use $ USD for some reason, but we know its not the best FIAT to use, but people use it cuz its widely available and became this standard trading currency … so I guess BTC is like USD its here to stay at least for some time

  • Hi zombie 🦖

  • Who is crazy enough to listen to ghetto boxers about cryptos.

  • btc is a dinosaur and worse than banks I hope for a decoupling. All greed and despair no practical value.

  • love your channel mate your one of the very few REAL people out there on u tube no BS always to the point,u give it all,ima hangin in there,from london england…

  • If during inflation everyone would get a certain piece of new inflated currency on top of their current balance, it wouldn't be a steal. Inflation itself is not a bad thing, it actually makes money less volatile. It's bad when all inflated money goes to elite (banks), in this case you don't get anything and your money start to loose its value.

  • Keep videos coming! You are the only crypto channel i watch nowdays. Rest of the channels go quiet when bears come

  • Very informative videos…keep it up awesome stuff!

  • Keeping me working longer for less that doesn't make sense S wages have increased to

  • I know the value was going to run up more, then bleed off and have an extended winter and go lower than current lows… Then as we experience the fall, All we need to do is invest what we’re Holding and make more profit, So we don’t feel the loss in fall of value now that the value is down, I discovered a comment of someone giving Accolades to Harald from Denmark and also thanking him for helping him increase his Portfolio from having 1BTC to *5BTC in a month, So I contacted him to seek insights and guidance on trading cause I needed help badly, it been two weeks now since I reached him, Behold I have made 1Btc in seven days with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during the fall of bitcoin or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on **Email ([email protected] com)

  • 8:28
    Does Vitalik ever blink?

  • Great but I think you don't have to be bothered about bitcoin price.

  • weekend :))))))))))))))

  • thx

  • BTC will always be worth it. Another shakeout is probably on the way but the long term still looks good!!!

  • Great video!

  • THAT EXACTLY how it wil goes : # Economy collapse, people get scare, turn there wealth into Crypto, Gold and Silver. PAPER MONEY will be a thing of the pass

  • I swear that Vitalik is a cyborg. He even talks like a computer. is he real???

  • Very good point on who the real criminals are.

  • Hey Crypto Beadles… fuck off with your adds

  • Good Video mate. Especially when you talk about the Truth of the US dollar purchasing power losing 98% of it from the 1930's. Think about that real good people. It's a system to keep you poor and controlled! On top of all this they introduce a way to get steal back a lot of that money you earn through a system called Tax which is nothing but extortion and institutionalised theft! It's Mass Robbery via Coercion. Most people have no clue about this, and most don't know the difference between currency and money or what fractional reserve banking is.

  • CryptoLove has stopped making new videos. Most bullish news

  • Let problem with lighting network, it’s centralized

  • Bitcoin is payment instrument. He is in use 10 Years as PAYMENT INSTRUMENT.

  • Bitcoin is not deflationary by default. It will be in 2100+ when the last bitcoin was mined.

  • The pink guy looks like my brother.

  • Ether will get back to second soon. XRP has Bitcoin Cash money in it as those investors are only interested in making money not projects.

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