“I’ve By no means Had A BAD TRIP”

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  • Had about 30 lsd trips and less than 10 mushroom trips i myself would not classify any of the trips as bad trips i always enjoy something about each one even if i cry for a majority of it theres always a lot behind each one that makes me say ive never had a bad trip ive never been terrified or something to the point were i dont want to trip im always looking forward to the next one even if my last one ended depressing thinking about certain things i always take my set n setting into account and is probably why ive been succesful in having majorily positive and having 100% good trips the most memorable ones are with close friends or just when u learn something about yourself but my favourites are with close pals and my first time trying lsd which was beautiful i think u just need to be ready for the dose you are taking and confident you will be okay even if its more than u bargained for because at the end of the day it is a 'drug' consumed to have an enjoyable time, so just have confidence and pick apropriate times to trip.

  • I think your seriously gorgeous….and I love your videos 🥰😍

  • ive never had a bad trip, but i allways take it with respect, thas my filosophy with all drugs

  • After this video Im going to be taking 2 tabs of some pretty strong acid, Thanks Tom for the advice to go in with the utmost respect Wish Me Luck On The Other Side My Friend!

  • So good to have a visitor in the video 🙏

  • Dude, if screaming out of control in terms of "put a gun to my head & such" wasn't a bad trip, then I don't know what is. Referring to one of your aya experiences. Other than that, very good video, resubscribed 🙂

  • i really like this video mate

  • dude as if your in an open relationship???… I don't get it, if you love some one surly the thought of them with someone els would kill you?

  • tRAMATiC exPeRiENcE

  • Mushrooms just don’t agree with my neurochemistry. Other psychedelics work great on me, but mushrooms just give me an unshakably bad feeling. People give too much credence to the spirituality side of these substances. If you have a bad trip, some of these people might say that you weren’t in a good place spiritually or you didn’t respect the mushroom, as if it were it’s own entity. The reality is, if something as weak as an anti-depressant can cause suicidal ideation in some people, then something as strong as a psychedelic can definitely cause different people to have different experiences.

  • Tom, whats the song you used for the background of the video? Thanks

  • To anyone who wishes to see a bad trip Watch Gaspar Noe's Climax.

  • this talk is all about sharing opinions… but your path, Tom, lies not on the mental level of opinions. It´s time to accept your way and the way of your soul.

  • But actually ive gone all the way to "Hell" more than once lol but i stil go in.

  • the thumbnail for the vid is legendary can u send it to me: [email protected]gmail.com

  • Hr should fight me

  • Just like anything else, it's around 90% user error

  • You're awesome. I usually watch your videos immediately but I paid for slower service in January. Defintely going to pay for unlimited data this February. Love your videos.
    You've inspired me to take a break from weed. I was smoking waaaaaay too much. It's been 3 weeks and I still can't piss clean. So it's been a wake up call.
    I've also been fasting so that probably has something to do with it. I just need to rewire my brain. I associated smoking pot with binging on junk. So losing weight now and feeling sooo much better. I can't wait to be ready to reintroduce weed into my life without having to eat junk constantly.
    Thanks for making me realise though.

  • ur gf is peng

  • Yall are such a cute couple!

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