Hyperlink uncovered Ripple, Central Financial institution of Thailand & Moneygram, XRP & R3 Pilot, G20 Summit Osaka

Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao, the most recent Ripple Director who's obsessed with XRP the digital asset. You may view the video to his Buyers Presentation with a hyperlink on this article.

G20 Summit Osaka Video

Ripple Drop

Kyoto Hiyoshiya

Hiyoshiya Contemporary : modern lighting by the ultimate Kyoto umbrella maker

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  • Eri did you provide a link to the Kitori lamps?

  • Keep making videos your content is the best by far. Love them.

  • Everyone is signing up for xrp nobody is using it. June 1 Thailand thought they were going live but had to call it back because ripple is going to flip the switch in conjunction with the reset the reset was rumored to be last weekend when the leaders were in France. It seems to got postponed somebody forgot to tell Thailand so that is why they had to recant at the end. What are your thoughts on that theory

    Also what is your confidence they will peg the xrp price to gold? Do you see them doing this
    Thank you for your insights

  • Great, as always

  • Yet again I’m impressed with to content.😎👍

  • You Always seem to find new and exciting news for xrp investors, great vid as usual Eri. 👍🇦🇺

  • Mr Katao predicted EOY 2018 $ 10 per XRP……….never forget that !!!

  • The Ripple logo seats can be found at Singapore airport too 🙂

  • Thank you Eri. 👋🌚

  • Hi Eri, Thank you for helping us understand that XRP is King and we shouldn't give up!

  • Garlinhouse running out of time with his" many banks using xrp in 2019" statement. I wouldnt put too much faith in SBI either as all execs promote great things for their assets they are heavily
    invested in.

  • Thank you Eri! I value your input so much.

  • R3 are doing a lot for xrp it’s amazing there trial must be working it’s not like they’ have stopped it

  • gratitude for your superb work and content!

  • Thanks, you always do a ton of research for the videos. We've been waiting so long for SBI to hit the switch and have been hearing about all the sbi-influenced partnerships going on, from R3, to Money Tap App to their own exchange with institutional sales and XRP for their FX markets, I hope all the utiliy just hits like a truck. Am hoping July is the month it all begins.

  • 🙏❤️✝️🚀

  • I'm worried about XRP. I have 10000 XRP but I don't know what happens in the future.

  • You are the Ultimate younglady .. We just simply trust and love you for your neverending educations..The Fluff TOO .. Much appreciate Eri

  • XRP is the worse investment in Cryptos.
    Today again – 7 % XRP lost while other cryptos loose only – 2 %

    Do you guys really believe this woman? She's working for Ripple Fraud Company!!!
    They sell a lot of XRP and dumping the price.

    They are cheating us these sons of bitches!!!

  • Our Angel from Japan! Karmic regards from Bucharest Romania

  • Xrp available supply Sold Out soon 😁thats a nice piece of furniture,,also wanted to let you know yesterday I was in a walmart in north Carolina,,there was a talking advertisement, it looked alittle like an atm..it was offering some free salsa chips and a chance to win 100 grand.if you . open your phone and place it in the machine,, and it automatically loads the walmart pay app to your phone and possibly a qr code.. 🤑🤑

  • Thanks for the info… 🙂

  • Thanks very much Eri…loved your videos….its all very unique….keep it coming. =)

  • Wow 👏

  • Hi Eri!! I was stationed in Yokosuka 1981 to 1984 when my XRP money comes in I will be coming there to visit. .I always loved the Japanese people. I would take you out for sushi🤠p s I love your voice✌️

  • 🙏🇹🇭🇸🇪

  • Wow. Your channel is the best. Thanks so much Eri!

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