Morgan Stanley Dealer : Ripple XRP And Crypto “Is Greater Than Dot-Com”

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  • #XRP is a manipulation alt coin that aim to move #BTC investor to believe on that XRP is better tech alt coin which is controlled and manipulated by the same old financial institution to scared the BTC investor to sell it all BTC and buy XRP.

    Don’t fall for it #BTCISTHEFUTURE

  • Can someone tell me what fomo and fud means?

  • Just keep making videos until cryptos go up then you will be a genius but right now your just saying the same thing over and over again haha

  • -10k in just over a week…

  • If you have the means to load up on good projects and just throw them in cold storage, you will be in before the big boys….just like 2017, this is the first time in history, that the average Joe was able to get in before Wall Street…i've been investing with my father for almost 25 years…he nor I have ever seen anything like this..not even our grandfathers had this opportunity…but they will crush this thing to panic they will accumulate for months if not years….they have the money and the patience…don't give them your coins


  • 7 years clean and sober now i know why im addicted to crypto though

  • LOL to the thumbnail, people will be seeing XRP when they close their eyes and go to sleep.
    Go to sleep… You are feeling sleepy…… You will dream about XRP!!!!

  • I believe it will take many years for XRP to go up. Many moving pieces, more crypto adoption is necessary.

    Its like 5 people handing something back and forth…..yet there are 2,000,000 people watching.

    Only when those that are watching are thrusted into the crypto market by voluntary means or by force because society converting from fiat to crypto……only until then will the market cap explode. The market cap is currently limited as some whale investors…some banks…maybe a few hundred thousand people who are on the initial hype are keeping it floating.

    The huge wealth of the rest of the world is still cut out of the crypto market.

    It can take 20 years before crypto is the new currency standard.

    The more people who use crypto….the more stable crypto will become.

    The more people who use crypto….the more value it will have.

    XRP is spearheading the big bankers to drive this as a standard which is actually good for us little investors/early investors.

    Dont listen to some bankers who say bitcoin or crypto is dead because they are also the ones buying up crypto at a cheaper cost when crypto takes a negative hit from bad publicity.

    There is also a civil war going on between different banking institutions around the world because which one adopts the new currency standard will be king. Its chess people.

    Remember when bitcoin was floating around a dollar for a few years….think of how many people say they wish they would have bought bitcoin from the beginning no matter the price all the up to 100$. The good news of bitcoin and the bad news…the doubters and the supporters for years.

    XRP is going through the same phase as early bitcoin. But at least this time were ready for it. I dont think XRP will go to $20,000 because of the supply. But it can very well go to the suggested $500 mark in time.

    Just HODL for the next five years….dont worry about temporary speculation as bitcoin went through the same thing. Just invest month to month, .50 cents to even 20$.

    When XRP is adopted as the new crypto standard you will be sitting healthy.

    How many here would have bought bitcoin for $20? Treat XRP the same way.

    Also Pundi x is spearheading crypto to the retail side. It's a good investment too…but it may stay a east world point of sale unless they make it into the US market place…still has a ton of potential.

    Also COTI is having a ICO token sale in February which is the pundi x equivalent for the US. (I believe)
    Both are good investments.

    Some others on a smaller scale may be funfair for those gamblers.

  • I like your channel buddy but come on with abacusJournal. You’re an intelligent guy. Do u really think they have sources that are going to speak like that? Their sources are completely unknown. If you’ve really been paying attention, you’d know that abacus is the old ICOjournel. Same scammers. Do better research before enthusiastically reading an incredible article to ur 31k subs you claim to love so much. Sorry to be blunt. Hope u read this and understand where I’m coming from

  • I also admire it. One day there is money

  • what coins will bakkt and microsoft use to pay for starbucks coffee?

  • I really don't know why people keep obsessing with the market cap of cryptocurrencies, It is totally useless! Why because currencies are never ever quoted by market cap! If you don't want XRP to be a security( which have Market Caps) stop all this market cap bs. What is the market cap of the USD and Euro or for that matter the Peso or Yen? Answers please…..see why market cap is useless.

  • Good things happen ONLY to guyz who "wait"….remain patient and enjoy the ride folks!!!

  • Your bought a tear to my eye DAI because soon we are all going to be wealthy. I am so excited to having a beer in Liechtenstein with you, probably very soon. Cheers mate its my first shout.

  • AC

    You are the best – I am checking all your videos – far more credible than the ones I watched before. You bring facts and understanding – not just hope.

  • Hey people. Does anyone think the price will drop abit more?

  • Haha it even has a button to include or not the Korean markets.

  • Moving along!

  • +240XRP

  • switched to using livecoinwatch after coinmarketcap pulled that stunt beginning of the year when they removed the Korean market all of a sudden thus contributing to crashing xrp. Pure manipulating by coinmarketcap.

  • Ripple price: the bull and the bear case

  • I loved this video, such a good explanation about trading digital financial assets and crypto news, the same sets of recommendation I adore reading at medium

  • Sir XRP why dump dump again?

  • It’s simple. They are all waiting until they can do option trading and take our dumb money and turn them into trillionaires.

  • Are you tired of hearing about can ibis giving crypto’s competition on CSNBC?

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