NEW BITCOIN WALLET BUG? JavaScript NPM Defined November 2018

Javascript library event-stream was maliciously injected with a virus that steals non-public keys. Let's talk about the way it occurred!


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  • I have smashed the likes.

  • European Union is an Exit Scam

  • The UK might be an option depending on how Brexit actually turns out. Otherwise the US or Switerland. Malta in the EU?

  • That was a great rant. Across the pond but I appreciate. They try to ban memes and now this.

    Getting the geographical and corporate jurisdictions out of the internet, money, and commerce is sorely needed.

  • If YouTube can't cope with the new law someone else will.

  • Great content, been lurking for a year😀

  • Stop giving Negetive video titles bro. You really Sucks.

  • agi

    It is difficult to remain a lurker when you discuss truly eye-opening topics such as these. Thank You!

  • Any other wallets using this module might be affected as well, although as of the time of writing, none of them have come forward.

  • Wow

  • Article 13 is why we need term limits. These people are so old and detached from every day people, they only care about staying in power. If there were limits, Parliament would routinely be refreshed with new people who know what the outside world is like currently.

  • Come to the US, Ivan. Florida is a good place to check out

  • Clicked the video to learn where people are currently searching for vulnerabilities to steal cryptocurrency money. Scrolled down to comments and it's like 90% European politics.

    At least come up with some "EU wants to ban Pewdiepie" memes if you have to go into this so early. It's a proposed directive, nobody knows what comes from it yet. The CEO of a Google-owned website talking about it is probably just an attempt to crowd-source some extra lobbying power early because they're still pissed off about the whole search results deletion thing.

    Also, just search for stuff like "EU legislation process" or "difference of EU directive and regulation" and read up on it if you live in a member state and finished school before EU stuff got added to the curriculum. (But maybe don't go on Wikipedia, legislation stuff is always written in legaleze over there.)

  • Substratum can help in some way.

  • So Dominic Tarr gave this random person his signing keys too? Or he didn't and the users just didn't perform basic due diligence such as checking the package signature against one from someone they trust? This isn't an open-source issue it's a greed, stupidity, and/or laziness issue.

  • As much as it would be cool having you in America, you may want to reconsider because we have our issues here too. I believe Iceland has been rated as having the most freest internet in the world. Norway is next door. I believe they're not part of the EU.

    If you do consider America. Hopefully, you'll chose the Seattle/Vancouver area, where I live. You'll won't need much sun block Ivan ☀😂. There's is also a significant Eastern European community here, especially from Russia.

  • Welcome to America! Come to Florida the sunshine state!

  • "randome guy" = NSA plant to exploit this package

  • Well, Richard Stallman tried to tell us it was 'free as in freedom', not free as in free beer. There is a reason for the maxim 'Don't trust. Verify."

  • Politicians suck! Politicians are just a bunch of useless guys in a suit that create nothing but robbing the average citizen. Disgusting

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