New Crypto-Malware Targets Linux! Are you secure? PLUS: My ideas on Artifact and MORE!

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There is a new crypto-mining assault, and it is for Linux. How will you keep secure? Plus, Valve releases their first DAY-ONE LINUX recreation: Artifact. I will share my ideas. And we now have a brand new section: Raven's Decide of the Week! All this and extra TODAY

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1:51 Feral Proclaims Shadow of the Tomb Raider
25:04 Valve releases Artifact
36:56 systemd's new Boot Counting function
43:55 New Crypto-mining Malware for Linux
51:45 Raven's Decide of the Week
1:02:46 Listener Feedback

# Widespread questions:
What distro(s) do you utilize?
* Workplace PC: Manjaro GNOME
* Laptop computer: Manjaro GNOME
* GPD WIN 2: Manjaro GNOME
* Steam Machine: Ubuntu 16.10
* Server: Ubuntu 18.04

# What do you utilize to edit your movies?
Audio modifying: Audacity
Video modifying: KdenLive

# What are your machines specs?
Workplace Rig:
* AMD Ryzen 7 1800x
* AMD Vega 64
* 16 GB RAM
* Manjaro GNOME

Steam Machine:
* Intel Core i7 at 3.eight GHz
* Nvidia GTX 970 4GB
* 12 GB RAM
* Ubuntu 16.10 w/ Steam Compositor

Backup Rig:
* Intel Core i5 at 3.four GHz
* Nvidia GTX 750 Ti
* eight GB of RAM

* AMD FX 6300 at 3.5 GHz
* Nvidia GTX 750 1GB
* eight GB RAM

Funky Choon (a.okay.a. The Linux Gamer Theme Track) by Brothers Nylon

Manufacturing Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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  • I hope crypto currency dies off. Because its not backed by ANYTHING!….and for people to invest so much time and effort into something that's basically "fantasy based"? is idiotic. Its nothing more than a sophisticated version of a "get-rich-quick" scheme….and the biggest "tell"? is the pricing. One day its worth $1,500 the next its what?… $4,000!? I call bullsh*t, and refuse to buy into that nonsense. You wanna get rich?….do it the way the J.P. Morgans, and Rockefellers, and Carnegies did it. The old fashioned way. Stop spending on crap and SAVE your money, and after you've saved a decent amount?…..then you take your money and INVEST it in solid investment vehicles. All this stupidity about buying graphics cards for their "processing power" just to mine for this currency?…yeah….makes no sense…and I repeat, I hope it dies!!

  • Careful with the new systemd version. It broke my samsung printer so I had to downgrade.

  • 31:17 You of all people should lead by example. There is enough good material to produce content. I do like your podcast though, keep it up.

  • At first Systemd was pretty buggy and was causing a lot of problems, so I didn't use it. After a year or so though, it got really good and I really like it now. It makes it really nice to configure services and whatnot.

  • I think that your Viewer age is probably wrong because let’s be honest most Linux users would be smart enough to lie about that

  • Slav hackers boi lol

  • Linux is like LEGO

  • I will make a ytp

  • I’m 13

  • Apparently you can play space pin ball on Linux with wine I’m going to have to try it

  • Oh sheet

  • Remember that for every Linux virus there are millions of Windows viruses.

  • Unfortunately, I feel native ports are going to fall out of favor for proton supported ports. It's just easier for developers to target Linux as if it is just another version of windows then it is for them to make a completely native Linux port. I already have read comments from people who run the windows version of a game over the native port because the native port isn't as good.

    I'm tempted to do the same at this point, Arma 3's Linux port is stuck in perpetual limbo.

    However this might be a good thing long term. With the barrier to entry much lower, developers are likely to support proton and the technology could very easily become better optimized then windows at some point, when that happens windows will be effectively dead.

  • That crypto mining thing is a farce, ssh bots have been around since ssh, and JavaScript exploits have been around as long as internet explorer

  • hey, im trying to find that game? argenta mage?? but i cant find it.. did i miss hear the name?

  • As someone who grew up in the Silicon Valley in the 80s and 90s I can tell you we've always sucked at internet. Part of it are the outdated rules here no one is willing to change, some of it is just got dense this area is so it's hard to come in to lay new lines, some of it feels like maybe we were just taken for granted, etc.

  • Crypto currency a Fad?? Hope it dies?? HAHAH That's worth an unsub right there… What people need is better education on the subject rather than be taken by gross misconceptions and all the ponzi scams out there. Crypto is a great tool, just was greatly overhyped to people who have no idea what they are doing.

  • Thanks for the podcast!!

  • The malware thing is using backdoors from 2013 and 2016 they've been fixed since they've been made public

  • @12:00 – it isn't just tools, it's workflow in general. More general workflows can be achieved on Linux, and some niche workflows, but there are so many things Linux just doesn't do well that really hurts adoption, and it's all about the workflow.

  • Thats why Good AV-Sotware would make sense on linux, too. However, all decent AV-Creators are not willing to port to linux.

  • Thanks for helping keep us safe (even though I don't mine or currently use Linux)

  • The original controls for morrowind had e as jump and space as activate

  • How do i check if my Linux is vulnerable to that malware?

  • You guys are young! I am 48, and I am not getting younger… 🙂

  • 35:38 That Wesnoth Card Game sounds really cool. Where am I able to find that?

  • Why is this on YouTube if there is no video feed ? Dislike

  • Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  • When you distribute a modified version of Linux you have to provide the source code right? I doubt that because of this reason Sony will use Linux for consoles, I would guess this to be the reason they are using FreeBSD on the PS4 instead.

  • Great news that artifact was Linux first. Shame that all the reviews of it say it's awful. I would really love to support a Linux first game and play it on my channel. But if it's not any good doesn't seem sensible.

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