Psychotic Polarity – Dextromethorphan (DXM) & Diphenhydramine (DPH) Journey Report #1

Potent combo.

Dextromethorphan & Diphenhydramine “Psychotic Polarity” by Secure and Sound:
Despatched in.

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Psychotic Polarity – Dextromethorphan (DXM) & Diphenhydramine (DPH) Journey Report #1
Psychotic Polarity – Dextromethorphan (DXM) & Diphenhydramine (DPH) Journey Report #1
Psychotic Polarity – Dextromethorphan (DXM) & Diphenhydramine (DPH) Journey Report #1

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  • What ever happened to weed and mushrooms?

  • This is, true

  • Dph is the mist dangerous drug in existence.

  • The good’ol robo dog

  • Dude. I'm watching a video on c plus coding and the teacher sounds just like you. Is it?

  • I mix alcohol dph and dxm #WeDontGiveAFuck

  • Damn sucks cuz i chugged bottles of NyQuil and this drug was the worst drug I've ever overdosed on and should never be taken by anyone. Still traumatized by this trip. The trip was as if i was on another dimension. Everyone looked like a character from a book. Life felt like a fucking book. Its as if I had a little feeling that I knew what was going to happen next in life. The last trip was 7 or 8 years ago. But to this day I still wish I could go back and stop myself from taking it.

  • I took 800 mg one time of the 15 mg gels (took 50 of the pills at once) and couldnt stand up or talk. Just layed down and was paralyzed being sucked into the couch and spit out of the earth and was fell through space for hours. I was seeing ghosts flying around my head the whole time too. Makes me cringe too just thinking about the experience

  • love ur channel brio

  • Damn that art is fire, who made it?

  • Bro ive played with those blocks 🤣

  • perhaps 50mg diphenhydramine for every 300mg dxm is the best ratio…

  • ⚡8====D⚡

  • Fucking spiders man

  • I was told I would never see God on any drugs, I haven't, but with DPH and DXM I saw the holy ghost though….

  • You do so much damage to your body and brain when you take Dph. You might as well binge meth or angel dust.

  • I’ve taken dxm plenty of times never the other one but it sounds like this random drug I tried like twice unisom sleep gels took 13 of them and lost speech my depth perception was fucked too, my favorite thing that came out of my mouth during the trip ( which I was told later by my girlfriend) was that the only reason Texas was a state is because the store sold shoes

  • Taking diphenhydramine doing a drug test can come up as pcp, not dxm

  • I was fucking stupid and NO CAP BRO I SWEAR I CAN RETURN..brooo thank you for making this dxm fucking raped me and IT WAS ADDICTING b4 i went on this Monster 12 hr trip. From waking up in the void, to connecting with my universal self, meeting god, being in hell for 30 min which felt like A FUCKING ETERNITY. bro like…..i got a fuckton of info that i forgot and saw creatures from WOAH,df, to nightmare. During the trip all around it was like space. Stars and shit bro. There was no one but my universal self guiding me

  • Yeeeeeessss

  • My favorite drug Combo, But I only take 100-200 MG DPH with it. I have some SUPER crazy visuals on it. I see people who are there, But they don't talk to me like on DPH and they don't have faces. It's also euphoric unlike DPH.

  • Thank you so much for listening to us and doing more trip reports like this!! I fall asleep to your channel every night

  • This combo is insane. Even at lower doses, if you sit in the mostly dark its the most insane visuals. Dph just has really bad info online and people take waaaaay to much makes me anxious just hearing about taking 500-1000mgs.

  • My preferred dose is 300mg dxm and 1000mg dph. I don't condone the use of drugs.

  • Your trip reports are so entertaining, I listen to them every time before I sleep just like when you're kid awaiting nights tales

  • At least they had some ill ass hallucinations….the false positives are SO INTRIGUING! Cus dxm FEELS like all those substances 🤔wtf!? Where's Hamilton MORRIS!?😂

  • Just do DXM & Weed.
    I like to do 500mg+ of it and hit my wax pen about 6 times (blinkers) 90 minutes in. Its a trippy experience.

  • I would just like to say mate that your videos are 100% a highlight to my day when I watch them. That said, thank you for taking the time to upload videos and the ones I find most interesting are the story's that have sudden spiritual enlightenment in them.

  • This drug combination is what brought me to drug induced psychosis. I was taking around 800mg of dph and a bottle of delsym. The dph was more addictive to me than the cough syrup. I didn’t know who my family members were, my voice changed and I was stuck in a world of constant delirium. My eyes were so wide for days after I had even taken anything. My pupils were huge! I’ve only done this combo twice since my psychotic break and never plan on doing it again. I almost killed myself. I cringe looking back at that 3-5 month period.

  • why are your play through vids gone just found your channel and subbed

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