Outcomes of Experiment – Datura & Diphenhydramine (DPH) Journey Report #1

Intercourse with an entity.

Datura Wrightii & Diphenhydramine “Datura & DPH – Outcomes of Experiment” by Isopropanol:

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Outcomes of Experiment – Datura & Diphenhydramine (DPH) Journey Report #1
Outcomes of Experiment – Datura & Diphenhydramine (DPH) Journey Report #1
Outcomes of Experiment – Datura & Diphenhydramine (DPH) Journey Report #1

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  • I think he had sex with a tranny S.E.

  • I’ve done something similar, and yes it’s possible to have sex with shadow people 😓

  • So Datura an DPH is all I need for some shadow strange?

  • Lol this guy is commanding his imagination to have sex with himself!! Classic!! I hope he at least called his pillow a cab ride home….Take that pillow out to dinner first next time!

  • He was on some toad

  • Get on ur knees and grab my phallus

  • I came to hear a drug story not to N U T

  • will nobody think of the poor sitter ?

  • The smell of bullshit here is overwhelming I don't know if I can finish this

    edit: oh my god hahahah I was only halfway through this is so ridiculous 😂😂

  • I know dating can be frustrating but damn dude

  • This is fucking wild.

  • Help guys I have a boner????

  • this combination is likely the best if you want to die

  • This nigga fucked a hallucination I give him props 😂

  • "I'm a scientist because I do drugs" smh….

  • facepalm Dude, you got trolled…

  • Congrats u fucked a shadow demon.. wierdo

  • Classic "I'm smart because I use the fanciest sounding word instead of normal ones" psychonaut

  • Thats…thats gay

  • very specific, VERY FKING SPECIFIC DUDE

  • This is how I lost my virginity!

  • Who wants to try it? Ik i doo lol cuz im dumb asf😜👽😁😂

  • is it just me or does this background look like its moving

  • Link to 1990s tussin stories

  • I want to dph trip but don't want to rape my body. Any alternatives.

  • I have been able to summon a dog on datura. The guardian. It just growls at me very harshly and deep. I also met datura in the form of a woman that spoke to me in an indistinct lucid language beyond explanation from anything else but the plant spirit.

  • Read this one before, probably fake and some sort of fetish.

  • Who the fuck is the tripsitter?!!!!!!!!

  • This is fucking cringe

  • Actually more datura just on it self there the best

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