Ripple has been silent – What’s the plan? Are issues delayed or is that this a part of Ripple’s plan?

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On this video I talk about what Ripple's plan is for XRP. THey have maintained silence about their 200 manufacturing contracts at this level and the rumors are very thick as to what will occur with Xrapid and XRP. I suggest an concept about what Ripple is as much as.

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  • All part of the plan?

  • You are correct sir.

  • Crypto is controlled!
    I think unfortunately the price of XRP will maintain it’s current range or go even lower until next year.

    I also think with Bakkt , TD, Fidelity, etc. involvement that the price will STILL not go up for crypto‘s in general.

    Which will freak the strong Hodlers out; and that Will crash the market.

    Because THEY (now control the system) aka the manipulators..and they will shake us out even harder.

    I could talk all day about “Those” that invented manipulation, speculation, markets, trading, banking, and how they work; but I won’t

    ***It’s all a tool to destroy the middle class. To take your money, put you in debt, and make you a financial slave.

    Don’t fool yourself, crypto is controlled.

    But I am a long and strong for XRP because the people who control this world already own XRP.

    My 1st exit-strategy in 3 to 5 years is $333

    XRP 🚀🌔

  • they won't have liquidity if the hodlers are hogging all the tokens

  • ripple riddlers and Bg's opened their mouths too soon so now if it moons tonight it'll prove some kind of conspiracy ,so now they scared to moon the price because of those predictions they set us back a century.

  • Xrp Sold Out 😁I think the U.S. government will make any major announcements to the world about any currency change, they have to exercise the appearance of control and possible partnership with the Federal Reserve and Xrp, the new Federal note 😁

  • Same here. All we have to do is wait

  • Valid points as always, Brother

  • CryptOak

    That s simple.

    1/America first slogan,so a big xrp usage eoy with BOA.
    2/Price explosion Between 100 and 500 dollars in 1 or 2 weeks.
    3/BYE BYE retail investors that s what they want ripple and banks to high to buy.
    4/Put a stable price to gold 1XRP= 1 ounce of gold +- 1000 1200 dollars world economy and IMF agree.
    5/Liquidity over the world and stable and valuable.Gold 2.0 digital.

    The other plan for the silence radio?
    Companies and banks are not convicted with xrp and they stop the xrp tech.
    Yes as simple is behind the scenes.
    Ripple shut mouth and silence radio to not made a big panic market….

    It is one of these 2 possibilities not others.
    One more thing: Ripple knows that, if in 2019 they doesn't solve the problem of liquidity and price
    it is bye bye ripple tech others companies will take the lead.
    So critical moment now.

  • Ripple's approach has been consistently to understate and exceed expectations. I prefer it that way instead of the other way round.

  • There is definitely more to the big picture than is generally known. Patients, it will all come together in a great way.

  • Good thinking and sounds very reasonable. This is along the same idea/theory/execution plan:

  • Also by giving any indication of increased value could support xrp being categorised as a security! Also I'm with you on a bigger plan, and would go as far as saying there are more connections with other altcoin projects, and ripple are creating the platform ✌❣✌❣✌

  • …. marriage, even to a theory, is a bad idea.

  • February 17th people 😉

  • Mainly because of the soon coming SEC decision.. possible lock out for retail investors. Whatever.. as long as they reimburse our investments!

  • And he also said "dont miss the next ethereum" way back in 2017

  • You are crazy just like all of us? We aren’t normal.. I truly think a quick jump will happen for sure. Because if the 20 xrp per Wallet. So when it jump not just anyway will be able to buy. Also I think when crypto starts. It’s coming for ever.. with that said a lot of crypto will jump… the when seem like never until we wake up and boom… we can’t believe it again… I’m honestly scared I won’t be able to happen this… because the sign point to bigger things then ppl can imagine.. but I’ll take those problems

  • Banks, regulators, IMF, W3C.. etc. etc…. this internet of Value is Ripples and Google is XRP… Uncle David said so himself… HODL on!

  • Getting ducks in line… been some delays too. Announcements in bear market have had little impact so timing crucial to maximise the impact.

  • I totally agree 👍🤑

  • XRP baby! 😎

  • price predictions by CEO's… lets leave that to the TRON CEO haha

  • No sunglasses?

  • Nothing will happen until after the next catastrophic financial collapse!! Bank of America is basically insolvent, this is a 5- 6 plan

  • Hope is not needed

  • Ripple is going to do what apple did with the iPhone. Ripple is going to give bank of America timed exclusive with xrp, then release it to others. Just like apple did with at&t.

  • Good work Brother! Interestingly; Switzerland, Cayman Islands, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Belize, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, St. Lucia Caribbean, Indonesia have all cleared a path for Crypto & yet, USA has not…what the Fook is that about?

  • Once one major bank starts using Xrapid the others will all hop on

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