Ripple XRP $10-$15 2018 ANYTHING Can Occur In Crypto

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I'm not a licensed monetary advisor. All movies on this channel are supposed for leisure functions solely. You shouldn't purchase, promote, or spend money on any asset based mostly on what I say in these movies. You must know that investing carries excessive dangers. You would lose your whole funding. This isn't buying and selling recommendation and I'm by no means responsible for any losses incurred.

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  • I think that given the current geopolitical situation and all of the major players dumping U.S debt, china and russia trying to remove the dollar as the worlds exchange currency. I believe anything can happen. As assurance or certainty in the usd falls crypto will undoubtly soar. The timing of this nobody knows. It could be today or months from now. Im betting on XRP. To all the critics. I will have some xrp to sell you so that you can pay your rent or mortgage when it goes to the moon. I will warn you though. It will be expensive tho. 😁

  • I always here everyday $10-589 eoy fromt he youtubers, but the truth is xrp not even reached $1 since January.. i want thumbs down for this

  • Love your channel, you're a great motivator . , but you're not a soothsayer of price prediction 😉

  • Love your videos but not sure about this one. There’s a bit of a difference between rumors in a bull market and rumors in a bear market. I’m going with $1 EOY, more realistic.

  • Hi. I just think we should not be disappointed when we see only $ 5 or less at the end of the year.$ 500 or more was a beautiful dream for this year 🙂 The most powerful banking families on the planet would be hard for us to pay $ 500 this year. Let's concentrate on Christmas holidays 🙂

  • If it cross 1$ I will gave you 10000 xrp

  • Be greedy when others are fearful. I see a lot of fear and negativity in the comments, so I am going to buy some more

  • If a Crypto is doing well and a investor needs to withdraw approximately 5-10% of every 3 months or so just help pay expenses, how does that withdrawal affect long term accumulation? I just need some math help or a general procedure in understanding it all. Thank you.

  • The fundamentals for XRP are the same as they were this time last year, when it was pumped to suck in dumb money, then it burst when the whales pulled out. Even if XRP does take off as a replacement for the current banking system, what do the 'coins' represent? They aren't 'currency' in and of themselves, like Bitcoin is. I learned last year that there is literally no rationality to this Crypto market. I was lucky enough to get out with my original investment after seeing a paper profit of £11k (UK) disappear. If I'd 'hodled' I'd be down a lot more. I since bought small amounts of various cyptos as speculations , largely because I think they'll be pumped again at some point. However, after following various Youtube channels with their highly detailed geometric formulas derived from coin price graphs (and their resulting invariably wildly inaccurate predictions), I've concluded that this is a psuedo science based on psuedo currencies

  • Whole 2018 about to pass and only one month is left to start 2019. In 11 month it’s not reach to $1 and how it could reach to $10 in one month I don’t know
    I think it rather go down till 0.24

  • $10-$15…….by the end of 2018…..? REALLY. More bullshit brought to you by the Digital asset investor. #anythingforclicks

  • Indeed anything can happen, $589 end of year unlikely but not impossible more likely between $5 and $15. Good insight as always. XRP is and will continue to change the world.

  • and

    10 to 15 dollars ? Anything is possible

  • Do you guys think the market will get any lower? Cause I want to buy xrp as low as possible. Y’all think he will go back to $0,30?

  • k c

    fyi I hold a significant amount of xrp, i support xrp, i am 100% sure I am going to make great profit from xrp. However, I dont blindly follow or support people who are making wild speculations, putting up clickbait videos or doing actual damage to the credibility of xrp by putting out unachievable fantasy numbers as something thats REALISTICALLY possible. Those people are the ones doing actual harm to this retail investor community. Go to ripple insights and turn your back on the fantasists.

  • it can happen and in just a few weeks. XRP & TRX. A good question is what will everyone do if it goes to $10-15, then $50, $500 etc…. Do you guys sell or keep permanently and never go back to fiat? For me it's a never go back to fiat situation.

  • They been saying the same thing all year & ppl still buyin into the hype smh

  • Fuck it, I'm predicting $1billion EOY. Ha ha my prediction's more ludicrous than yours. I win.

  • Boy oh boy I hope you all are not depending on Coin base to bump the price. The last few coins to be listed on coin base have dumped hard.


  • $15 EOY 2018. Spike in range $20-30 or above will not surprise me.

  • k c

    Well one thing is for sure. Time and time again you will make predictions that come to nothing. Wheres the tips usage? what happened at swell? i cant even be bthered to name them all anymore. You are like one of those potion salesmen in the old west telling everyone about the greatest potion ever invented….its juts not great enough for the professionals to use or sell.
    If xrp does nothing between now and Christmas will your shame be too much to bear? I doubt it. One thing about crypto youtubers is they have a brass neck and no shame. Whether its the 589 by Christmas, your laughable bitcoin to $10m, the bitconnect guy or all the others who are 100% sure that their coin is the greatest thing in the history of the world you all will all announce something one day and when it fails to happen just shrug it off as if your lies and bs are nothing. Your repeatedly reminding suckers that you were once a financial advisor before making these claims to add legitimacy to them is borderline criminal, this is fraudulent but you still say it. You even stoop to using your kids in order to sell your wares. At this point you have spun so many yarns I doubt you ever worked in finance and probably dont even have kids. You even used the twin towerds in one video. Your word means nothing and you are an untrustworthy source of information. You are a XRP maximalist, a fanatic, a liar, a fraud…10 million dollars per bitcoin…what a moronic thing to say. This is why you are hiding your identity. At least sam i am, crypto eri, jungle inc and others are out there for people to see. Who are you?

  • from 10 mil to 10 dollar….. WAKE UP people stop believing in dreams! not 1 bank in the world wud alow so many people to become rich ( xrp fanbase ) it aint gonne happen and it wil never. stop believeing those absurd youtuber's with a brain of a peanut. keep ur money in ur pocket !

  • XRP didn't do anything last year…. it was so coupled with BTC. Even today, coins can move up or down a little based on "rumors" but we are all waiting for the first asset to decouple. I think it will be XRP but that hasn't happened yet. So, if BTC has a bull run in December, so will we. If BTC goes to $2k, we go back to $.25… that's just a reality.

  • Just like from the movie Blast from the Past….put your xrp on a Nano Ledger S, place it in your safe and open it up in 10 years.


  • The problem is the tiny market cap in crypto right now, completely different animal than last year.

  • I’d love to invest in a ripple ipo instead 🙂

  • Personally, other than XRP, I’d like to know what is up to.

  • I have Xrp and other coins but I strongly believe that we had one bubble and that's it. People are aducating them selfs

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