Ripple XRP And Digital Property Will Be Media Darlings Quickly

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I'm not a licensed monetary advisor. All movies on this channel are meant for leisure functions solely. You shouldn't purchase, promote, or put money into any asset based mostly on what I say in these movies. It's best to know that investing carries excessive dangers. You would lose your whole funding. This isn't buying and selling recommendation and I'm on no account answerable for any losses incurred.

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  • So, enjoy the ride, take profits, But be ready for the Crypto SlipO!

  • DAI keep up the good work.

  • FC=PHAuStd (rise of the pearl of the orient) =freedom from fiat (freed the people of the world)

  • They spoke of crypto on my local radio station last week during the finance segment. Yes, it's starting to pop up everywhere.

  • This crypto shit is really transparent. Not just off the ledgers, but the banks governments, inflation, and how people are easily persuaded. Literally, many people are blatantly persuaded to not get into this, because of the way that media makes investing look. Herd mentality and availability heuristic is a real human error, but natural. You really have to be crazy to go against that. . . well, I'm crazy then.

  • Respect the content, outlook, positivity. 👍

  • Dreamzzzzz
    Dream dream dream….

  • I got my nano s tru ur link 🙂🙂

  • Ripple's XRP: Whether it is decentralised or not; philosophically , it is the financial database of the centralized, corrupt and exploitative banking industry. I've bought some and hope it will moon one day, which I will then proceed to dump it all for better cryptos with a goal towards being its very own decentralized banking ecosystem. Also, the market cap is a very misleading indicator — what is real is the current price vs. price at a previous point in time (perhaps when it was just released to the market) and especially the liquidity of a given token/coin. MCAP is merely the current price times the circulating supply — and Ripple have gradually been increasing the supply of XRP into the market into the hands of their banker-friends.

  • It is absolutely correct. Learn lesson from past, for better life. I faced 2008 recession, affected me also, lost my job at that time. Then returned back to life. I am in game with both digital assets and metal investment.

  • verry good know ledge, what you tell is the Full  truth!i want to add 2 important things, remember that 1 big bank promise?? thats happening at the moment with the biggest bank asia,  and xrp is now taking over the EU with a use for all the haters, you think that is still not a big thing? you should go back to the schoolbank and start all over.

  • DAI i feel like ur a silver stacker.

  • When xrp dumping, so many encouragement videos comes out… They said xrp going to be huge.. Dude im crazy

  • For those of you who do not have a hard wallet, GET ONE. My phone got hacked and the little bit that I had sitting in Uphold and Coinbase for daily trading got transferred out. Fortunately it was less than $300 BUT could have been worse. Couldn't access or change my passwords in either account as my e-mails and text msgs were disabled. DO NOT WAIT – GET A HARD WALLET.

  • Only Donald Trump gets more negative press than crypto.

  • Massive respect to DAI. Thank you for taking the time to post such informative videos. There’ll always be some negative comments but that’s just normal…keep up the good work and let’s see if it’s our turn to reap some rewards instead of the big corporations… peace

  • What is this retail lockout I am hearing about?

  • This video was exceptional, thanks for your insight DAI

  • After suffering a major bear attack for several days, Bitcoin recovered in the last 72 hours with the value rising above $4300, dropped again and now on the rise. The major support for Bitcoin which has to the disappointment of many was $4000 but if and when it breaks above $4500, we will most likely experience a quick growth to $6000 and above before the year runs out. The demand for bitcoin is now increasing as the price is at a yearly low but again, quite obvious the bears still have a grip on bitcoin . What this indicates is bitcoin is at the brink of a bull run and it is time to buy as much as possible. The smartest thing is not just buy but also trade with the right strategy best suited for the pickup of a bull market to further increase your portfolio. This is a simple technique i used last year during the rapid growth of btc which saw me increase my portfolio to over 20btc and trading them constantly protected me from the bear that took dominance this year. It is also worthy of note to speak about professor Brock Burkitt who explained this strategy to me which i am implementing right now and have seen 12btc in profit already in the last 2 weeks. He is a very experienced trader with sound analysis of the market and technicals. For any crypto related assistance, you can reach him by mail ([email protected]) .His strategy and signals are always accurate and he really helped me make good money off crypto. I could say my success today with crypto is as a result of his guidance, copied strategies and signals

  • Very inspirational and visionary presentation. Experience always speak volumes. I’m not vocal in the Ripple/XRP community but def. sold on the product and asset

  • Governments will step aside and let the financial machine take over once again and make people wealthy, make the fat cats wealthy more like and do this for the benefit of no one else than themselves to hold onto power. If an economy is doing "well" then the current government will get the votes and remain in power.

  • NEVER is the worst time to buy😁😁!!

  • Wrong!The Hokey Pokey is what it is All About.

  • ADA and XRP all the way.

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