Ripple XRP: Might The Hexagon Concept Clarify Kichiro’s $50 in 24 hrs Earlier than EOY Prediction?

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  • I like xrp but people ride dick so much that it seems fake.

  • wait till 2023 and it will be done lolz

  • Kev

    It can't be set indefinitely. Once it's use begins to rise the burn rate will also rise reducing the amount of XRP in existence (available to use).
    Remember the price of gold has been agreed trice a day in London for a century. For this to function properly it can't have monthly or yearly adjustments as this would reduce the amount being sold in the retail market until those adjustments are made. It also can't adjust in real time due to the impact on the institutional market. To work fluidly I think there will have to be a daily adjustment and around the time of this adjustment the network will be locked so institutions don't lose money. This is the only way I can see them deal with the reducing amount of XRP

  • What to do……buy more xrp!

  • Lol This is a joke, what is to say the same thing that is happening with BTC and over the counter buys won't happen with XRP. as XRP becomes more expensive the retail buying pool begins to go down. The XRP community is slowly begining to become like the Tron community. Idiots. Another note I'm pretty sure Ripple can not set the buy sell walls as that would be price manipulation the price has to be set by the market.

  • Another bullcrap theory

  • Lol guys this is so delusional

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  • i hate people believing in 589 eoy …

  • Dec 1, i ust came here to shit on the $50 theory

  • Haha youtuber click bait has gotten way to old… it will happen when it happens. Silly click bait 👍🏻

  • This is a hilarious theory that isn't going to work in reality. Retail sellers aren't going to give a crap about the price that institutions set. If you set it at $50 overnight, the retail market on the exchange will sell it back to $2 within a few hours, if not less.

    Your saying that banks setting it at $50 would prevent people from cashing in on their hundreds or billions or trillions of dollars by selling down. Yeah, good luck with that.

  • Buying into these moon theories is a recipe to get rekt. It will get these moon boys holding on to their bags after the next bubble cycle pops. Good luck.

  • Good job. Straight to the video no bs.

  • This very exciting and interesting information. Thanks for sharing. I wonder what Brad Kimes would say. Thanks again. Cheers.

  • SamIam and RR been saying this for last couple months

  • Bla bla bla….meanwhile XRP has always the same shit price..

  • I have a basket of XRP for debt reduction and a few purchases, then a truck load of XRP for long term. I keep them separate. I also continue to build the basket up so I can accomplish its intended goals sooner and at a lower price.

  • Great content WM

  • EB

    Very informative tweet by Hexagon,it seems that it has been written by someone who is working in the higher tiers of financial institution of some kind…thus not been written by your average youtuber spreading hype.

  • Ain't going down like that

  • si vous voulez savoir le prix de xrp dans 1 ans diviser btc par mille arreter de vous la toucher

  • Fixed XRP price is more practical for cross boarder trx

  • Fixing the price at $ 100 would be enough for me 😃

  • Is BSV is really worth $1.5 billion market cap? It is a fork of a fork of BTC. BCD market cap is only $150 million. Either BSV crashes 90% or BCD explode by 10x. It is mathematically certainty that BCD will 10x with imminent news release of partnerships with major players to shake the crypto industry as hinted by latest Tweet.

  • This makes sense. This is actually a very good video great job subbed 👍

  • Hexagon? Here we go, chucking ourselves down another rabbit hole.

    Poor Alice

  • If they set the price high they won't have to worry about setting it higher for awhile

  • Don't belive 24hours XRP 50$ XRP best bid explan sir

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