Ripple XRP: Fb GlobalCoin Has Nothing to Do With XRP

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Junlge Inc's XRP Youtube Recommendations of the Day

1. Alex Cobb: A Good Alternative For XRP To Spike Quickly. Will This Be The One?

2. OzCrypto: Why Bitcoin Maxis HATE XRP : Offended Scorching


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  • XRP Well Surge well over
    $50.00 overnight just watch, This token is more important than any of the other tokens out there It's a matter of time it can not remain that low for long. 5G have a laugh to do with this also..

  • why the fk you guys can't face the truth ? xrp is nothing to do with fkin ripple system

  • I was going to tip you a BAT but you are not verified but get on the Brave Browser ..

  • Xrp is being over taken. It still hasn’t done anything yet on the chart still not broke out last to get gloden cross I do hold xrp but wtf come on

  • You better listen to Schwartz and derisk. Stop spreading hype and rumors. Even he's sick of the XRP nonsense. You guys are emotional wackos.

  • Jungle Inc ✌️

  • Facebook, JPM, IMF with their SDR Coin, consortium of 200 banks (UBS, DB aso. ) with their stable coins… more and more competition for xrp, guys…dream on or wake up… just saying…

  • Thank your Jungle inc for the awesome video!

  • I like the new jungle inc style of video , please keep doing these !!!!

  • How much XRP will be enough to life changing in a few years?

  • Zuck is a cuck!

  • Sit-on-my-Facebook

  • Now just get DAI to do a video like this face unveil!!!

  • I got visions of multimillions in the biggest bundle
    In the Lex pushed by my homie Jungle
    E Money bags got Moet Chandon
    Bundle of sixty-two, they ain't got a clue what we about to do

  • I agree re. stable coins. They may serve a useful purpose to us by making more of the public aware of btc, xrp, etc., by introducing their coin and (so they say) being open to other currencies in their system. Time will tell, but stable coins as an investment can't compare to the likes of xrp.

  • FB coin will run on ILP

  • Why shall invest in a coin that put me in Jail a few times to post the truth??

  • In a sense u will be wrong about "nothing to do with global coin" white paper is out in few days. Dlt …

  • Jungletastic 😎

  • Isn’t a stable coin subject the inflation the same as the dollar since its tied?

  • jungle please tell me when?

  • bitcoinBitcoin
    $ 11,599.00 1.11%
  • ethereumEthereum
    $ 273.53 0.15%
  • rippleXRP
    $ 0.344019 3.33%
  • litecoinLitecoin
    $ 105.24 1.42%
  • bitcoin-cashBitcoin Cash
    $ 350.01 0.7%
  • ethereum-classicEthereum Classic
    $ 6.77 0.82%
  • bitcoin-goldBitcoin Gold
    $ 30.03 2.36%
  • bitcoin-diamondBitcoin Diamond
    $ 1.03 1.37%