Ripple/XRP How To LEGALLY Not Pay Crypto Taxes & Double Your Earnings.. The XRP Herd Is Coming

-The easiest way to legally not pay cryptocurrency taxes

*I'm not a monetary adviser or accountant & this isn't authorized monetary or accounting recommendation. PLEASE CONSULT WITH A LEGAL PROFESSIONAL

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  • bigdad K. it just hit .51 yesterday and it going into the hundreds soon!

  • Why turn your digital assets back into Fiat? The whole point of digital assets is to keep your money out of the banking system. soon enough you'll be able to buy anything you could ever want with digital assets therefore they'll be no need for Fiat currency.

  • xrp will remain at 0.40 forever so you don’t have to worry moving there to avoid taxes. PROBLEM SOLVED

  • If you’re an investor or looking to become one, Tax Act 22 gives you a total exemption from Puerto Rican income taxes on passive income. You’ll get a 100% tax exemption on dividends and interest as well as short-and long-term capital gains—but only if you become a resident. (To become a resident, you’ll need to live on—and be present physically on—the island for at least 183 days.)

  • So, i get a free house if i move there. Nice. Exit strategy enhanced.

  • You will not be able to vote in U.S. elections (if you file paperwork to become an official resident) Puerto Rico

  • This guy just talking bullshits.. 👎👎👊

  • I just left Puerto Rico. The residents do not want to become a US state. I repeat, DO NOT. Oh and good luck moving there.

  • XRP is like the girl you have been dating for months and she will not sleep with you. F your morals XRP…give me some!!!

  • Imma move to Lichtenstein instead.

  • When I buy xrp on binance, whose to say I bought the xrp from an individual in the USA? Meaning I probably didn't buy it from someone in the CUSA

  • have to give it to your relentless should be called unbearable bullshit keep it up pal

  • funny how you post the XRP community as sheep being herded by DOG'S in the hood, lol look's like they going strait to the slaughter house

  • Aggressively uneventful. Put out more useful content.

  • Thought your not posting till moon🤔

  • yeah ive been planning on moving here soon once my house is fixed up and i sell it in about a year. i figure the bull run will go to at least 2021 so i will have time to set up a residence and establish residency. your tax break is a ratio of time up to a year you have lived there so if you live there 6 months in the filing year you get 50% break etc

  • Mas exodus lol.

  • Not financial or legal advise but.. you can buy Maltese citizenship👀

  • Not sure what the content is like but reading the title got my attention for sure. ☺️

  • Why the F would we take Puerto Rico as a state?
    More poor people in a place that needs massive investment?
    I just explained why the Dems would want it.

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