Ripple/XRP to $589,000 Worth Earlier than The Finish of the 12 months!!! (JOKE)


This video is a joke. In the event you do not just like the humour, have day. I do.

None of my movies, posts, feedback anyplace is monetary recommendation. I am not a monetary advisor. That is for leisure functions solely. Make investments at your individual danger and pay attention to the very fact you'll be able to lose all of your cash investing.

This video is comedy.

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  • Latvia hmmm

  • Yo rob…bearable guy is that kid alex cob…he made up sone shit and people are believing it..
    Goes to show how people follow the masses and dont do research..about their investment.

  • Cryptos may be gone in a few one knows it's to new…its not time tested like the stock market…invest what you are will to lose…hope its here to stay.

  • I also like predictions, but xrp=10$ I will be so fuckin happy person

  • are you saying nobody has ever made money trading forex and stocks?

  • Yeah fu** Alex Cobb and 589ers

  • A perplexing thing about XRP which has been around a long time, is its price. Ripple has a tons of partnerships & XRP has amazing technology, however other cryptos that have none or nearly no partnerships or use cases are worth $5, $10 + , while XRP is under a $1, XRP is awesome, however this is super strange.

  • Nice hair cut! 5.89/58.9/589 either one will happen. Bearable guy not an issue. Buy more n gain more.

  • Kev

    Did you see digital asset investor speculating on $10 million per bitcoin in 20 years? The sad thing is he was once a real investment advisor and he reminds people of that all the time while making wild baseless predictions.

  • Kev

    Nice burn job 😊. I think it will go over the head of many crypto fanatics, even with "joke" in the title.
    Oh Sam I am when will you ever learn 🤔

  • 589 EOY ! AND NOTHING ELSE !!!

  • My gf is also gf and makes pizzas with cauliflower base also man 👍

  • I'd be happy with $1

  • Job well done. Love it!

  • XRP to $589,000 by eoy, multi quadrillion dollar market cap.

  • $1 EOY I’m happy

  • thanks rob mate

  • 985 EOY have it on good authority lol

  • retail investors and day traders are holding us back, if we holders go to exchanges and place sell/buy orders for $500/xrp nothing more nothing less then voila that's the new price as soon as cheap xrp runs out and it will. Remember isoteric trading solution and hexagon on Twitter. The problem is that we selling ourselves too short. New retail investors will still buy at the new price, including institutions will now jump in on Xrapid. We have the best crypto out there it's got utility and store of value as soon as us HODLERS act and demand $589/XRP. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS. Institutions are not going to drive the price only us who hold xrp I blame day trader and those who sell for less than $589/xrp.

  • Hey Rob,  funny stuff is I know this guy I know who is and what he looks like and  what he does.   pronounced "book" fyi  I'm his brother and I am proud of him.  I'm going to say I am a fan too.  just subscribed.  pisses me off he has a better dollar cost average then me but I got him beat on total supply.   nice work always!  see you in a few days jon!

  • 62 A.XRP 1

  • Hang on brother it's coming one day.

  • 80-90 USD January 2019 , EOY 2019 589usd

  • absolutely ridiculous!…we should just ignore these outlandish and insulting prediction!…lets not be so desperate!

  • I THINK XRP $20 :}}}

  • The only way xrp would go up to hundreds is if bitcoin falls apart from the government investigation for price fixing.

    Or if xrp gets endorsed by countries or more banks.

    When more people come into the market…the market as a whole goes up…which will also bring up bitcoin.

  • 589,000 = 589k. 589.000 = 589.

    589,000 per xrp would be nice but let's be realistic here.

  • 589,000,000 million eoy per xrp lol 😂😂 😂😂 😂 this guy

  • 5.89

  • Rob have a great weekend (XRP will take over)

  • bitcoinBitcoin
    $ 4,014.10 0.96%
  • ethereumEthereum
    $ 138.37 0.57%
  • rippleXRP
    $ 0.316411 0.78%
  • litecoinLitecoin
    $ 59.36 0.71%
  • bitcoin-cashBitcoin Cash
    $ 159.92 0.77%
  • ethereum-classicEthereum Classic
    $ 4.60 5.36%
  • bitcoin-goldBitcoin Gold
    $ 13.21 0.38%
  • bitcoin-diamondBitcoin Diamond
    $ 0.852507 0.47%