Ripple XRP: Whole Domination of Social Media & The whole lot Else

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Digital Asset Investor: Has The Ripple XRP Marketcap Fallacious

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  • I'm getting sick of price predictions, the xrp community is falling apart because of this and one of the reasons is that Ripple the company which is the responsible to release the products that will pump the price (eventually) doesn't give us so much information, so we are blind in this market making assumptions about the price. I think if nothing happens in a matter of a couple of months this community will have a lot less members because we will not have anything to believe in. It's incredible the level of fanaticism I can see in this community, people saying that "they don't care about the price, can wait 5 years or more at 40 cents", believing in Riddles, unknown tweeter accounts, clowns and things like that, this is crazy!

  • If we keep holding xrp,one day we will have our Bentleys (the wheel chair model) 😂😂😂

  • "Total Domination" and the price is still in the cents… and will continue to be… who are you going to reach with social media? Institutional money is the driving force.. Plane and simple.

  • Thanks Jungle
    Keep it up good stuff…

  • Great Video Bro Appreciate your Insight and Keeping us Informed HODL STRONG

  • Hey Jungle inc, love your videos. I wrote a blog post that ties into what you’re saying pretty well. It discusses the multiple exchanges you can signup to now to prepare for the next bull run.

  • We all get riled up. No worries. We all feel you and support you 🙂

  • Coming to the realisation xrp isn't going anywhere…. Ripple net is what they are building…. Xrp was a revenue stream…. Banks and payment services have no reason to make us all rich… They can simply use Ripple…. And don't have to touch xrp what so ever. Sure the marketing will pump from time to time… But it's a dream to say you average wallet will be a millionaire from it. The Crypto millionaires were rich before they invested.

  • I can see anything on the Internet about the meeting???

  • Where can I watch the live stream ?!

  • “Give us a handicap, that’s fine, we’re still coming for ya!”

    Priceless 👏🏼👏🏼😆👍🏼

  • XRP >>> $ 83.00 real soon

  • Great video again Jungle, love how you spread your word for xrp community. Please allow me to promote my video here in your comments. I'm trying my best to make cryptocurrency videos now.

    Please kindly watch my video guys

  • Love your vids Jungle.

  • 3am or PM ? Where are you ? Can you give us your location on the planet , so those of us in other parts of the World can join in. Dont forget my friend the internet is global . Thanks

  • They absolutely should be included because escrow doesnt change any facts. If you or I escrow our xrp, it doesnt reflect in mrkt cap. So allowing ripples escrow to hold more importance is not right.

  • Makes total sense! Let's have the market cap revised!

  • Jungle do you know what time the live stream will be in the UK?

  • Swiggity Swooty XRP is coming for that BTC booty

  • Great content, thank you for your work #XRP4ALL

  • Total domination of everything except the price. The thing that matters most to investors.

  • I think we are to get 80 yrs of age when xrp is to hit 10$!!!!

  • I agree with you that XRP will catch BTC either way, but I would rather see it done correctly now. Not for impatience sake, but simply because I have a strong distaste for manipulation and is as corrupt, manipulative, and biased against XRP as it comes.

  • J-uncle ink

  • #xrp 📈📈📈💯💥🚀

  • I'll skip the Zoo since samiam( the Harold Camping of crypto) will be on tomorrow.

  • Skrill VERY big into gaming environment… YUUUGE (Trump) potential there, especially if gamers can access a "hub" and source and exchange various items, etc. between games, i.e. purchase a sword, use it, then trade it out for another item on or off another game via "hub".. see GSR/Beachhead vid for example of scope:

  • kaz

    I want someone who has a legal background to threaten coin mkt cap for gross manipulation!!

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