Ripple/XRP We're so Early and Fortunate – Web of Worth

Ripple/XRP We're so Early and Fortunate – Web of Worth

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  • has the loud swearing one ever done dmt? get him to do some whilst driving

  • Scott is a legend 🔥

  • Keep Calm, Live long and HODL 🙂

  • Scott just fooking went off! $&@##*>£¥?£€<*%><!!!!!!! Fooking wankers! Scott almost came through the fooking screen!

  • XRP is dead man

  • 1 Drop = 1 USD

  • The universe is the limit

  • Now they say July 1st is $7 xrp. Bro you need to challenge that Tony V guy to a boxing match.

  • It infuriates me as well. These fucking wankers spreading FUD. Just slowing the inevitable. Hold strong people, don't listen to the BS. Very concerning though…2.2 billion fucking people on facebook and this is what their intro to crypto will be? That's fucked up…keep spreading the word my friend. Been following for a while and just subscribed. You're a fuckin riot man. HOPE TO HAVE BEER ONE DAY AND LAUGH AT ALL THIS. Keep spreading the word. Great stuff

  • brilliant! love it man

  • your hilarious ,you should be on the stage.

  • I bought bitcoin when it was parity with USD and sold it around $1.25 but I never thought about it as being an investment and never imagined it going to $20,000 a coin. This time I"m not thinking of selling for at least 5 years..

  • Dick Heads!!

  • cant even trust Facebook with privacy, what makes them think Banks will trust FB

  • 20k of XRP will be wife changing.

  • I went on a trip and had an awesome BLT too.

  • You ripplelovers refuse to deal with the reality that ripple is holding the price down they dont care about whether you get rich off xrp or not

  • Happy Early birthday!🤗
    Max Keiser should have a his arse kicked for saying that. He of all people should know better!

  • did you see the pixies on your DMt trip?

  • Nice to have some representation for XRP from the U.K. 🙌🏻 I’m from Leeds bro!

  • A B

    Love your commentary very informative mixed in with a whole lot of fucks and fuckins 😂 😂

  • XRP obtain wealth and have wealth to transfer!

  • What language u use Can u stop swearing? You don't have to go that low.

  • Why exactly would I want a Stable FB coin???

  • 20,000 xrp is the way bubba

  • What ya lyin' bout brah!?! 😂😂😂😂

  • That's focking true Scott. Peace!

  • You give newcomer vibes, to anyone who has been investing in crypto longer than 5 years it’s evident Ripple is dead, I’ve witnessed it numerous times with other projects and the price action is extremely similar. This is because decentralized oracle networks will now be capable of producing blockchain interoperability, allowing banks to harness on and off chain data directly to their respective chain. Why do you think all of the banks are creating their own stablecoins now? Hell, JP Morgan had more banks on their blockchain in one month than Ripple had in 8 years! I’m just trying to help you guys, it’s evident that banks are capable of cutting out the middleman (Ripple) and communicate directly with one another in or off chain via the oracle network.

    FROM THE USA!!!!

  • Always love your videos bro!

  • bitcoinBitcoin
    $ 10,292.51 2.39%
  • ethereumEthereum
    $ 167.91 2.28%
  • rippleXRP
    $ 0.251459 1.41%
  • bitcoin-cashBitcoin Cash
    $ 284.07 1.33%
  • litecoinLitecoin
    $ 64.84 0.47%
  • ethereum-classicEthereum Classic
    $ 6.83 1.46%
  • bitcoin-goldBitcoin Gold
    $ 10.36 1.15%
  • bitcoin-diamondBitcoin Diamond
    $ 0.581772 4.87%