SEC Chairman: Blockchain is highly effective “however it is advisable to comply with our securities legal guidelines”

At Consensus Make investments this week, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton made it clear that the SEC is not going to assist an ETF till market manipulation is addressed.
He chatted with me instantly after saying this, and shared his opinion of those that attempt to skirt securities rules.
Because the blockchain world turns into more and more decentralized, will the SEC be capable of preserve management? The Chairman says that he isn't anxious. Do you agree?

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  • Naomi Naomi Naomi YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Fantastic interview. Thank you. BTC and crypto alts we love you.

  • Jay Clayton… hmmm well I think he's at least somewhat friendly as long as the rest of us play by his rules. Good question at the end m'lady! 🙂 Really though he's right not to worry with statutes that give him legal theft rights backed by the force of the military and police force. Good segment as always Naomi. Thanks!

  • Supremely arrogant statements that demonstrate the power of their egos to cloud their judgement. Pride goeth before a fall.

  • I don't like your channel I love it. And you had Clayton right in your grasps but you failed to question him about XRP's verdict. Will they classify it as a security or not? Why is it taking so long? Are they waiting until bakkt launches? So Bakkt can finally list XRP as well? So even if SEC classifies XRP as security after bakkt launches it wouldn't make much diff as Bakkt is by ICE.
    Sad that u didn't ask about XRP

  • What a filthy turd, threatening violence to free people, people wanting to raise money with both parties agreeing to the trade, and yet these people not even involved in the trade, want to threaten with theft, caging, and murder… gangsters! The dangers from regular criminals pale compared to these government gang thugs.. pathetic.. hey SEC Chairman, go get a real job in the "marketplace" .. go produce something.. stop funding yourself and your "career" with other people's money… yes, the defense "I didn't know" (that the SEC was just a criminal gang) is no longer an excuse.

  • It makes me wonder why the SEC doesn't antagonize crowd sourcing sites like Kickstarter where recipients regularly take the money and run.

  • So well done Naomiiii!! ⚡️⚡️I guess Jay has to at least appear put his foot down ha! that last question was brilliantly put !.. but man he came across like such a nazi ..and it’s unfortunate that it will probably only entice more people to make better tech to avoid any regulatory consequences in the future. Awesome Naomi 😊😊

  • wow what an interview to score! i took away basically they are saying, "well let you win, but we want to write the rules of the game"

    yeah… heard that before cough fiat cough

  • Great stuff Naomi, as usual !

  • nah fuck you and your corrupt banking system you scum.

  • Thanks Daddy Gov'ment for keeping me safe! I'm too stupid to think for myself.

    The only difference between the mafia and the state is that most people gladly pay for one of them.


  • There's fear in the establishment – this video portrays that quite clearly.

  • this was chilling

  • This guy is ludicrous, I wonder how SEC gets authority over other people money. "I'm the law. you'd better believe me…" 😂

  • I'm not exactly sure why – but I found this interview hilarious! 🙂
    – Must be my subconscious telling me me something I can't quite put my finger on yet.

  • He didn’t know how to answer that last question 😂😭🤣😭😂

  • Naomi, phenomenal interview with SEC! Amazing! Keep being awesome! ~Z

  • Super interesting, thanks for the great content!

    I'm guessing Mr Clayton hasn't really considered how a distributed organisation might fit into the current legal framework, but he is actually right not to worry since those pitching to people with lower appetites for risk will be trying to self-regulate in some way anyway.

  • Thanks for the video Naomi

  • Complete and utter bullshit! The institutions are the ones stealing! Central banks and government agencies are all owned by big $$$. We are their enemy. They will regulate this industry to death unless they gain control. Forget them. They had their chance for last hundreds of years in the U.S and look where we are!! Trillions in debt with a wealth disparity beyond belief! This is a us and them technology. Do not be fooled.

  • You don't get to decide or enforce how trade works on the blockchain Mr. Clayton. The era of the SEC is almost over, and blockchain is the stake that will be driven into its heart.

  • J B

    @Naomi Brockwell, next time you speak to a US regulator or politician, please politely ask for comment on the fact that burdensome regulation of this fledgling industry will inevitably push entrepreneurs and investors overseas, and thus increase the GDP of Malta and Lichtenstein rather than the US. Hester Pierce at least appears aware of this critical issue. Nations face the choice of whether they will clamp down on and reject this revolutionary new creation of value, or embrace crypto-assets and permit their citizens to reap the benefits.

  • Nice having you on youtube now ❤

  • These guys are talking about ICO's- not Bitcoin lol…. FOH SEC! and the SEC just failed the most crucial answer.. actually implying he is not worried about regulating everything. BTC has already proved that to be true- they cannot regulate it. They can only corrupt the space with crap coins- stable coins- and fake derivatives and volume.

  • HAHAHA- "THE suits"…BTC is not about investing or trading or even raising money. Its about FREEDOM to possess your currency. Currency doesn't require anyone to invest into "the currency", Currency doesnt require ppl to trade on it… All it takes is for people to participate that it actually has a value.
    Regulations are to basically take away the value, rights to personal ownership, and POWER. Nothing more. The laws are corrupt and serve the rich only.

  • Great job getting these interviews Naomi!

  • Naomi hanging with the bigwigs!

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